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  • 7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Theatre

    There can be nothing worse than spending hard-earned cash on a high-quality home theatre system only to discover you're only getting a mediocre performance. Here is a list of hints and tips to help A/V enthusiasts  when they're trying to tap the true potential of a component home theatre system. Continue reading

  • Latest Trends For Home Theatre Enthusiasts

    When we think of a traditional home theatre, a lot of us still picture a dark basement with a projector screen, a multiple channel sound system and rows of plump, cushioned seats. But the latest home entertainment trends are pulling away from this classic concept. Below is a short list of what lies on the home theatre horizon. Continue reading

  • Why Style is Important to your Home Cinema Setup

    For many of us, when it comes to buying brand new AV furniture, we look at the features and benefits more than the overall design and style of the product. Many consumers mainly look for a unit that will hold their new television set securely and will be able to house all of their components without cluttering up the stand. But the style of the stand itself can help change up the overall look and feel of your TV room and that is one of the reasons why it is important to look at the design of your new stand as well. Continue reading

  • Get the TV that You Need for your Home Cinema Set up

    There are many different types of televisions available on the market today that can do so much more than provide you with access to your favourite programs. From smart TVs that allow you to post messages on social media to curved screen TVs that help bring the intensity of the cinema right into your living room, the possibilities of finding the perfect TV for your family to enjoy are truly endless. But how do you know that you are buying the best TV to suit your own personal viewing needs? Here are a few things to look out for when it comes to buying a brand new TV Set. Continue reading

  • 3 Factors To Consider When Buying Headphones



    Sennheisser, Sony or Beats by Dre? Headphones are available from a number of brands. Some are specifically designed for listening at home, others are meant to keep you listening when you're on the move. Each set offers a variety of different features; mobile phone functionality, wireless connectivity, noise cancellation and in-line remote controls. But when you're setting out to buy a brand new pair of headphones--it's good to keep your eye on the basics. Headphones should sound great, be comfortable to wear and provide years of listening pleasure. Continue reading

  • How To Choose a Subwoofer

    Before you choose which cabinet is the best for your subwoofer, it's worth doing a little research to understand exactly how a subwoofer works. In this article we'll be explaining just that; how subwoofers function and which design might be best for you. Continue reading

  • Boost Your AV Setup With On Demand Music Streaming

    So you have got to the point where you have your perfect AV system high end speakers system connected to one of the latest TV models which sat atop a stunning modern TV cabinet there is only one thing you are missing and that is the content to play on it.  In our last article we looked at the smart set top boxes you could use to get the content onto your TV but we mainly focussed on the video content that these boxes could receive,  this week we are looking at the audio content and in particular music streaming services. Continue reading

  • The Cheap way to Make any TV a Smart TV

    Smart TV’s can bring a number of benefits to your home AV setup from a multitude of on demand media content to apps and internet browsing capabilities all accessed directly through your TV set. If you have yet to jump on the smart TV bandwagon but are still considering whether replacing your TV for a brand new all singing all dancing model would be the best idea then give our guide a read first!  Continue reading

  • Organize your TV Room with These Helpful Tips

    After you have bought all of the electronics that you will need and upgraded your television with the latest model, you need to take the steps to get your TV room organized so that you will be able to enjoy viewing your favourite TV shows and movies in a clean and de-cluttered environment. Here are just a few things that you can do to enjoy a nice and well-organized home entertainment setup.

    Cable Management

    No one wants to see all the unsightly wires and cables that are connected to the TV. It can make your expensive home entertainment setup look unkempt and cluttered. If you have every component you can think of connected to your flat screen and you would like to do something with the mess of wires that are exposed in clear sight, then you should look into buying a TV stand that has a built-in cable management system. This type of system will allow you to keep your wires out of sight while also keeping them untangled so that you can easily access each individual cable if needed. Many TV stand with a cable management system also allow for ventilation to get to your components so that you electronics do not overheat while they are in use.

    Storage Space

    Again if you have a lot of electronics such as gaming consoles, media boxes and DVD players attached to your TV you will need a TV stand that offers plenty of shelving for storage. It is a good idea to choose a stand that has multiple, adjustable shelves so that you can customize the height of the storage space if needed. Here at Big AV, you can find a wide range of TV stand available that are designed to hold a large sound bar or other type of speaker system. These stand are available in various styles and sizes to fit in with any type of home interior design.

    Media Storage

    If you have an impressive TV set up then chances are that you also have a large collection of DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray discs, not to mention a huge collection of video games if you own one or more gaming consoles. You need a place to store all this media and keep it organized so that it is easy to access whenever you want to watch a certain movie or play a particular game. Shelves and bookcases are excellent options and you can find them in every size to accommodate your needs. You can also find TV stands with built-in media storage options that allows you to store everything next to your TV for convenience.

    All-in-One Systems

    If you would like to eliminate the number of components that you have in your system then you may want to consider all-in-one systems or combination devices such as a gaming console that allows you to play Blu-Ray discs or a Smart TV that lets you play games, watch movies or go online all from the comfort of your couch. These convenience items are a great way to de-clutter your TV stand and let you enjoy all of the entertaining things that you love in an instant.

  • How to Buy the Perfect TV Stand

    If you have recently purchased a brand new television or received one as a gift for Christmas, you may be in the market for a brand new TV stand as well. Stands and cabinets have come a long way from the basic styles from years ago. These modernized AV furnishings now include features that correlate with today’s modern electronics and all-in-one entertainment setups. But if you are still partial to the classic styles that go along with all types of home interior, there are still plenty of those to choose from as well. Continue reading

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