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  • Add Traditional Style to Any Room with a New Wooden TV Stand

    If you are interested in redecorating your living room, family room or den, it is a good idea to start with the focal point of that room in order to make the biggest impact right off the bat. The focal point for most rooms in any home these days is the television. The way that you choose to display your television can have a huge impact on the entire tone of your room, therefore you should take a lot of consideration into what type of TV stand you choose. If you enjoy classic styles and traditional furnishings, you may want to add a new wooden TV stand to your room to give it a personalized touch.
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  • Add Luxurious Style to Any Room with High Gloss TV Cabinets

    The television is typically the central focus of any room whether it is placed in the family room, living room or den. Now you can draw even more attention to your flat screen TV with a stylish high gloss cabinet. At Big-AV we have a large variety of high gloss TV cabinets for you to choose from that offer an abundance of storage space for all your electronics and accessories. When you need to find that perfect piece to add more style and luxury to your entertainment centre, you can find exactly what you need and more at Big-AV.

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  • Create Your Dream Home Theatre with Luxury TV Stands from

    Create the home theatre system that your friends will envy with Luxury TV Stands and home furnishings from BigAV We offer amazing deals on TV stands for every design type so that you may be able to enjoy the luxury look for less. Browse our selection of quality TV stands to find the perfect fit for your brand new flat screen television set. We also offer CD and DVD shelves, Wall mounts, Speaker stands and HiFi stands to complete your entertainment room.

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  • AV Furniture that Reflects Your Own Personal Style from

    Audio/Video furniture has come a long way from the simple TV stands and bulky entertainment centres from decades ago. Like technology itself, AV furniture has evolved over time to not only meet the needs of newer, larger TV sets and devices, but also to coordinate well with our existing home décor. At you can find a large assortment of traditional and modernized AV furniture that can help improve the overall look and feel of your family room, den or TV room. Continue reading

  • Find the Right TV Stand for your new Curved TV

    Curved TVs are the latest style in modern HD television. Many major brands have recently unveiled these unusual screens and based on the positive response from consumers, this new option is here to stay. There are several benefits associated with owning one of these new curved TVs aside from the obvious contemporary style and the fact that it will be a major conversation piece. Once you decide to buy one of these futuristic TV sets, you can be sure to find a modernized TV stand to compliment your new set at

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  • TV Stands that will improve the Look of your Home

    If you have been searching for a quick and easy way to improve the overall look and feel of your living room, then you may want to consider purchasing a new TV stand. These versatile home furnishings can help to create a specific mood in any room and are available in a variety of designs to suit your modernized or traditional home décor. You can choose from basic TV stands that will get the job done and provide the right amount of support for your HDTV, or go with an elaborate stand that doubles as additional storage space for all your electronics. Regardless of your TV stand needs, you are sure to find the right type of stand at an affordable price when you browse the selection available from Big AV TV Stand and TV Accessory Superstore. Continue reading

  • Complete Your Home Entertainment Centre with HiFi Stands

    When you want to get the best possible home cinema experience, then you need to invest in quality HiFi stands. These functional racks are able to provide you with additional storage space for all your high tech equipment, while also improving the sound of your home stereo system.

    At, we have a wide selection of HIFi Stands in various sizes and varieties for you to choose from. You can make the most out of your home stereo system for less when you order from our extensive online catalogue. You can also choose matching TV stands, speaker stands, or living room furniture that will compliment your new HiFi stands perfectly when you place your order through our online store. Continue reading

  • Should I Use a TV Cabinet or Wall Mount for my Flat Screen TV?

    Flat screen TVs have made home viewing of films or shows better than ever before One of the best things about these flat and lightweight televisions is the fact that they can be mounted to a wall or displayed on a stylish TV cabinet without weighing down or causing damage to the furniture. Owners of flat screen TVs basically have two options for displaying their sets in their home. They can either purchase a durable wall mount that will allow for cinema-style viewing, or buy a TV stand or cabinet to place the television at eye level. Continue reading

  • Why Choose Glass TV Stands for your Home?

    There are many different types of TV stand designs that you can choose from to make a difference in the look and feel of your family room or den. There are traditional TV stands available in solid wood that create a luxurious look, as well as plastic or glass TV stands that are ideal for those looking to add a modernized touch to their TV room. Glass TV stands are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to compliment your HDTV set. By browsing the online selection at, you are sure to find the right fit for your flat screen TV.

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  • Home Entertainment Furniture for your At Home Cinema Experience


    When you are ready to create a spectacular home cinema, there are dozens of furniture styles available for you to choose from. You can go with the traditional look of real wood, or go with a more modernized display that will showcase your latest high tech purchases. There are many items that you will need to purchase in order to make your home cinema complete including wall mounts, speaker stands, Hi-Fi stands and many other home entertainment furniture items that will help to enhance your viewing experience. And the best part is that you can find all these items at a price that will fit your home entertainment budget plan.

    Wall Mounts and TV Stands that will Properly Display your Flat Screen

    If you have recently purchased a brand new flat screen, you have two options when it comes to displaying your new television. You can either use a wall mount or a stylish TV stand. Each option offers plenty of benefits for the user such as eye level viewing, storage space, or making use of blank wall space.

    Many people prefer to use wall mounts especially if they are trying to create an at-home cinema setting. However, others may choose to go with a high quality TV stand made from real wood veneer, glass, or metal materials.  You can find TV stands with built-in speakers for space-saving convenience, and luxury style TV stands that feature unique styles that will coordinate perfectly with your modernized furnishings.

     Speaker Stands and HiFi Stands that will protect your Most Expensive Equipment

     You cannot fully appreciate the functionality of your home cinema system without the right type of speakers. And the best way to display your speakers with is by using high quality speaker stands. Choose from Duo Series speaker stands, available in various heights and colours that are ideal for bookshelf and satellite style speakers. The Duo series includes models Duo 6, Duo 7 and Duo 10, and they are all built from steel materials and manufactured at the Atacama factory which is located in Leicestershire.


    HiFi Stands provide you with an excellent way to display all your entertainment equipment in one location. These multi-tier shelves are strong and durable enough to hold your DVR boxes, stereo equipment, and Blu-Ray players so that you can keep all your devices in one safe and convenient location. You can find shelves with as few as 3 shelves, or as many 7 that will help complete your home cinema experience.

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