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  • How To Choose Your Home Cinema Seating

    How you position your home cinema furniture is without doubt one of the most important factors to consider when you're planning a dedicated in-house theatre. Seating alone has developed into an entire science concerned with providing each individual member of the audience with a superior entertainment experience. And while you can find a whole gaggle of experts on the Internet more than happy to offer their advice concerning the positioning of speakers, advice on how to choose and arrange your seating can be quite rare. Continue reading

  • 5 Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Home Theatre Project

    Building your own home theatre could possibly be one of the most complex and cost-intensive projects you ever take on. So getting it right on the first attempt is a huge bonus. Luckily, there are enough experts and specialists out there just waiting to offer helpful advice. Below we've gathered just a few of the tips and tricks you should consider so that your home theatre project goes without a hitch. Continue reading

  • Just How Healthy Is Popcorn Really?

    Film, lights, camera, action! But wait! What about the popcorn?       


    So, it's the night of the long awaited film premiere in your very own custom-built home cinema. You, your family and friends are all gathered to enjoy the latest spectacular blockbuster. Refreshments are on hand. A supply of soft drinks for the kids. Perhaps a few cold beers for the adults. Now all you need is something to snack on. And when it comes to watching films, there really is only one snack that will make the grade. Popcorn! Continue reading

  • The Best Way To Remote Control Your Home Theatre

    Some might argue that the best thing about having your own home theatre is the fact that it allows multiple devices and technology to create a unique cinema experience. But having an arsenal of devices at your disposal can also be quite a challenge. Remote control is one of them. But help is at hand and the days of juggling 10 to 12 remote controls in the dark are over. Universal, high-end remote controls are able to take the place of a whole barrage of single remotes, and just to make life even easier, they come with illuminated buttons and screens! Continue reading

  • Let's Talk About Audio Video Racks

    Audio and video equipment can be expensive. So once we've bought it we like to keep it safe. For a lot of enthusiasts, this means placing the individual components together in a dedicated rack. Audio Video racks come in all sizes and shapes, with different designs and surface finishes, but they all have one thing in common: they're ideal for keeping your costly equipment secure and organized and can be crucial for problem-free operation in the years ahead. Continue reading

  • Growing Trends for your Home Theatre

    Your home theatre is an investment that you should be proud of. Whether you have gone with the basics in home entertainment for your amped-up TV room or have gone all out with theatre style seating and the largest big screen TV you could find, you have managed to create a comfortable place inside your home where you, your family and friends can gather and be entertained. When you are ready to add something new to your home theatre, be sure to check out the following hot new trends. Continue reading

  • BBC Charter Renewal

    The BBC has been ordered by Culture Secretary John Whittingdale to put 'distinctive content' at its heart. Mr. Whittingdale made the comment during the most recent discussions surrounding a government announced major overhaul of the BBC. Continue reading

  • Clean Up Your AV Cables

    It's often the case that the front of our entertainment systems looks as clean and neat as the day we first bought them. But when we look around the back we're greeted with the nightmare view of a mess of twisted wires, tangled cables and full ports. Here are some easy ways to organize those cables and wires and even make room for more devices.

    Continue reading

  • How To Clean Your Home Theatre System

    If you want to keep your home theatre system all spick and span and looking good you'll have to give it a regular clean. But care must be taken when choosing which kind of products you use on your precious media components. Checking the users manual is always a good place to start, but here's a list of useful tips to give you a general idea. And of course, it goes without saying that all devices and components should be turned off at the mains before you start. Continue reading

  • Tips For a Fun Family Film Night

    How to create a great viewing experience for adults and kids alike


    For a lot of families there's nothing better than an outing to the local cinema to see the latest kids-friendly blockbuster. But nowadays, a night of viewing in the comfort in your own home can be just as much fun! With a few tricks and a little imagination you can turn your living room into a theatre and make a film night that is fun and memorable for all the family. Continue reading

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