Gecko OPA1200-GW / OPA1200-GB / SAP1200-GB


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The Lowest Price in the UK!

OPA1200-GW is a very contemporary piece of furniture, which is ideal for all living environments. The OPA1200-GW is ideal to for a TV up to around 55". This offer is strictly sold on a first come, first serve basis, so order quickly to avoid disappointment.   

Also in this deal of the week, we are offering the OPA1200-GB , GAM1200-GB & the SAP1200-GB on discounted prices too.

OPA1200-GB is being sold at an all time low of £399.99.


SAP1200-GB is being sold at a rock bottom price of £299.99.




A new additon to our reduced Gecko Range, We can now offer the GAM1200-GB at an all time low price of £199.99