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  • Norstone TV Stands - New Releases

    Norstone manufacture superior quality TV stands. With many brands of AV furniture recycling the same concepts of design over and over again, Norstone have produced some truly innovative products, each of the TV stands is built from fine materials and features an innovative design ideal for anyone looking for something a little bit different in their home.

    The PIU AV stands are wooden TV stands for TV's sized between 37" and 55", available in an oak or black finish. The wood frameworks are complemented with tempered piano black glass leaving a look of understated style. Norstone TV stands are abit pricier than many brands of TV furniture, but the quality of finish and design more than justify the price tag.

    Other models in the Norstone TV stands collection includes the Century range, innovative stands with frosted glass. Available in black and chocolate finishes, featuring elegant carved legs and unobtrusive styling make the Norstone century TV stands the perfect piece of TV furniture for a traditional home.

    The Norstone Coda range is another innovative line of products, available in black and oak finishes with clear glass, featuring a step design the Coda range of TV stands are ideal for larger rooms. The final part of the new Norstone range is made up by the funky Esse TV stands, featuring a contemporary design available in a varied range of colours the Esse is a trendy product which will liven up a modern town house or apartment.

  • Spectral High End TV Stands - HE1202 HE1203 HE1204 HSL1203

    Spectral High End TV Stands are the pinnacle of TV stand design and engineering, Spectral are a German manufacturer and the products they produce are of a simply astounding standard. For people serious about audio and video quality these stands are fantastic, these high quality glass TV stands are available in two, three or four shelf stands. On the Big AV website these stands are pictured in clear glass with polished aluminium supports, it is possible to have these supports black anodised by Spectral and the glass in black or snow glass but it does cost extra.

    Spectral also manufacture the HSL1203 which has all the same principles of high quality design and engineering, the stand uses 12mm glass as opposed to the 19mm glass used in the HE series. Again this stand is only pictured in clear glass, black glass and snow glass are available but subject to an extra charge, the aluminium supports can also be black anodised for an extra cost. One point to be considered is the lack of a cable tidy, as standard, again a cable tidy is available but at an extra cost.

    The Spectral high end TV stands may be pricey but in terms of performance they are unrivalled, the thick glass and aluminium supports on an incredibly strong chassis reduce resonance and result in remarkable playback quality.

  • New Cantilever TV Stand - FAV-524R

    Aquila AV technology are a TV stand manufacturer who supply a range of innovative Cantilever TV stands to the UK market, the company has had huge success with the FAV-S19 models and the AB-K111 which has just been released in white in addition to the ever popular all black model. Aquila have now released a brand new creation which is an even more elegant cantilever TV stand.

    The Aquila FAV-524R is a tall cantilever TV stand for TV's sized between 37" and 46", it is suitable for the vast majority of makes and models of Plasma and LCD TV's (Call 01484 420088 to check TV compatibility). The tall stand sits on a heavy oval base made from very thick and toughened safety glass. Above the base two oval shelves provide a home for AV components, each of the oval shelves has border print glass with a thin clear glass border around the black shelves, a little touch which helps to exude quality and sets the FAV524 apart from other TV stands in the same price bracket. Speaking of brackets, the Aquila FAV524 is a universal bracket and has a swivel motion so you will get an excellent view of the screen wherever you sit. As usual with Aquila cable management is included and is very easy to use. We expect this stand to be a real hit in the latter stages of 2009.

  • Hifi Stands and Hifi Cabinets - Buyers Guide

    So you have bought your brand new Hi-Fi, you have a quality stereo amplifier, superb CD player and a high quality digital radio unit but  have you considered where you are going to place all of this equipment?

    There are an excellent variety of Hi-Fi Stands on the market, there are ultra high quality products which cost around the £1000 mark and there are decent budget options which will give you change from £100, so where do you start?

    First of all you must identify your budget, if you are looking at the lower end of the budget scale then you will have to get yourself a glass Hi-Fi stand as wooden HiFi stands are only available for mid range budgets and above. The portability GT 6 Hi-Fi stand is an excellent budget option and for just £89.99 will give you a four or five shelf glass Hi-Fi stand, it is up to you whether you include the top shelf or not. Atacama are conqueres of the mid range market with a range of styles from the Atacama Equinox range of Hifi stands. If you are looking for something that will really perform you must turn to the Germans, there are two German manufacturers Spectral and Jahnke both produce weighty Hi-Fi stands with ultra thick glass to quash resonance and help your equipment to perform at it's peak. If you are looking for a wooden Hi-Fi stand the BDI Revo or BDI Mirage are good options to consider, watch this space for a new release of Jahnke wooden Hi-Fi cabinets with beautiful illumination for ultra modern homes.

  • TV Cabinets - Why Buy a TV Cabinet?

    Many people spend a long time deciding which LCD or Plasma TV they should buy, often people fail to consider what furniture they are going to put the TV on, this results in a rushed purchase of a cheap glass stand which doesn't actually match the decor or the current selection of furniture in the room.  It doesn't have to be like this....

    There are a wide range of TV cabinets available to suit all tasted and budgets which have been specically designed for use with home cinema equipment and televisions. So why should you buy a TV cabinet instead of just an ordinary cabinet which you could sit the TV on top of. TV cabinets are designed around the basis of using a TV and other electrical components, this means TV cabinets have excellent cable management with each compartment containing a space to accomodate and run cables to the back of the TV. Each compartment of a TV cabinet has been measured to offer enouugh space to accomodate both the width and depth of AV components. A traditional cabinet will offer little if any ventilation, TV cabinets like the BDI Avion series offer flow through ventilation preventing equipment from overheating which improves quality and preserves the lifespan of AV components, particulary with amplifiers and Hi-Fi. A traditional cabinet is unlikely to offer much in the way of remote control access, whereas some TV cabinets use glass or tinted glass compartment fronts enabling remote controls to function perfectly whilst AV components remain enclosed away from messy fingers and paws and protected from harmful dust. Some TV cabinets even offer media storage with specially designed homes for DVD's and CD's.

    In the past you may have been unable to find a TV cabinet which matched your current furniture or interior decor but nowadays there is such a great range of products available from a whole host of brands, check out and take a look at the vast selection of TV cabinets on offer.

  • Elite Prestige 37 - 42 Modern Glass TV Stand

    Here at Big AV we are always on the hunt for new and innovative products, we came across a new range of glass stands from Elite, these stands featured a pedestal glass design and we instantly knew these TV stands would be a hit. So we contacted Elite and they were delighted to join the ever growing list of Big AV brands. Elite TV Stands combine a wooden base with a reinforced, safety glass shelf for AV equipment finished off with a glass pedestal for the television. The beauty of the Elite stand is the glass pedestal, rather than a large, wide and unnecessary top glass shelf the slim pedestal shelf is ideally suited to the base stands which are supplied with flat panel TV's.

    The Elite Prestige 37 - 42 Black has so far proved to be the most popular model in the range and they are really selling like hot cakes. So if you want something a little bit different that will really make your TV stand out from the crowd give the Elite TV stands some consideration, with a very reasonable price tag of just £199.99 I'm sure this particular TV stand will be cropping up in homes up and down the United Kingdom very soon.

  • Techklink Opod TV Stand - Black Opod Back in Stock at Big AV Just £229.99

    Big AV are proud to announce we have managed to get hold of a substantial quantity of the highly desired Techlink Opod TV stands in the increasingly hard to come by black finish, although many online retailers are advertising this product very few actually have stock and you may face a substantial waiting time. Big AV have an excellent working relationship with Techlink and we have managed to secure plenty of the black opod TV stand. We also have the red and white versions in stock and ready for delivery.

    The Black Opod TV stand is suitable for any make or model of LCD or Plasma TV, TV's sized between 26" and 37" look best on this curvy TV stand. The Opod design has received praise from the press including the respected What HiFi Sound and Vision magazine in addition to a more than warm response from consumers and retaielrs. The unique combination of retro sixties styling mixed with a contemporary finish provides a funky home for your Plasma or LCD TV. Since it's launch at the beginning of the year the Techlin Opod has become more and more popular, the problem is UK company techlink have reached maximum output at their factory and they simply cannot produce enough to meet the demand, but worry not Big AV are just one click or phone call away and we will deliver the Techlink Opod direct to your door free of charge.

  • Big AV becomes AV forums Assured Advertiser

    Always on the look out to enhance our customer service Big AV has become an assured advertiser on the AV forums website, so we will now be answering all of your TV furniture queries on AV forums. AV forums is a great place to find out about the latest product releases, great deals from suppliers and to discuss equipment.

    Using AV forums you can ask other people what they really think about equipment they own and assured advertisers like Big AV will be on hand to share our knowledge and experience. Not sure if your TV will fit on a cantilever TV stand? No problem put a post up and we will do the research for you providing an accurate and concise answer to help you decide if that product is right for you. No request is too much and we are happy to answer all questions and try to fulfill all of our customers needs.

    Because we have a showroom and are not just dealing out of a warehouse our staff are fully trained and have vast experience with all of the brands of AV furniture we stock, we always offer the best service possible to both our online and in store customers, the move to join the AV forums network demonstrates our desire to interact with online customers and try to deliver a shopping experience that inspires confidence and leads to satisfaction.

  • Budget LCD TV Cabinet - Alphason AVC36 down to just £39.99 with Free Delivery

    The Alphason AVC36 is a budget TV cabinet for Plasma and LCD screens sized between 19" and 37". The cabinet has a silver finish with an internal glass shelf for audio and video equipment. As with all Alphason products build quality is above average and considering the price the Alphason AVC36-s is simply fantastic value. This cabinet would normally retail at around £99.99 but Alphason and Big AV have come together to bring you this simply sensational offer.

    Other features of the Alphason AVC36-s include a cable management system, the rear panel of the cabinet has carefully positioned holes enabling cables to be run from the back of a DVD, VCR or games console and into the back of the television remaining out of sight the whole time. The glass cabinet doors allow remote controls for equipment to function and also protect delicate audio and video equipment from harmful dust. Additionally the cabinet doors keep curious pets or children from gaining access. The TV cabinet structure is extremely stable and the safety offered from a cabinet like this is superior to a glass stand mounted on four legs, a cabinet is much more balanced, has a lower centre of gravity and is less likely to tip if there is an impact on the side. So, there it is a product with all these features for just £39.99 including free UK delivery!

  • Techlink OP80B TV Stand - Back in Stock with Free Delivery

    The Techlink OP80B is one of the UK's most popular TV stands, since it's launch it has seen masses of sales as the UK public responded favourably to the high gloss black and chrome finish wrapped up in a design which somehow managed to be both retro and contemporary. The Techlink OP80B has become almost too popular for it's own good and Techlink simply cannot manufacture enough to meet the ever increasing demand. Luckily, Big AV work closely with Techlink and have managed to secure a good quantity of this hugely desired product, despite this situation of huge demand and limited availability Big AV will still be selling the TV unit for just £229.99 with free delivery.

    The Techlink OP80B is a designer TV stand perfectly suited to TV's sized between 19" and 32", the rigid cabinet design is capable of supporting larger and heavier TV's but they will overhang. The interior of the gloss black TV cabinet is made features a toughened safety glass shelf, this can be removed if taller AV equipment needs to be placed inside the cabinet. The curvy design is an excellent match for contemporary town flats, funky bedrooms and is a must have item for any respectable bachelor pad.

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