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  • TVs Always Look Better on a TV Stand

    Flat panel TV's are a stylish addition to any living room, the electrical giants have invested millions into the physical and aesthetical design of this contemporary product, and you have also spent substantial cash to decorate your living room, therefore it is important to make sure your TV looks the business and to do that you will need a TV stand. TV stands are available in glass, wood and metal, there are many different manufacturers and designs, no matter what size or brand of Plasma, LCD or LED television you have there is a TV stand which is perfect for you.

    Tall TV stands come in the form of cantilever TV stands which feature a bracket mount to raise the TV in the air, this creates a floating effect similar to wall mounting, however cantilever TV stands are a much more flexible option and they do not ruin your wall and involve a far smaller degree of hassle because you do not need to worry about running cables through the wall. Wood TV stands have grown in popularity and are now available in a wide range of finishes from a vast range of manufacturers. Glass TV stands are the most popular solution, there are many products available starting from very low prices, black and clear glass designs are the most popular.

  • Buying the Right Cantilever TV Stand

    Cantilever TV stands provide the perfect solution for people who enjoy the look of a wall mounted television screen but do not want or need the hassle of wall mounting. Wall mounting can be more complicated than it sounds not only do you have to drill into the wall, providing your wall is strong enough but you need to run all the cabling, to do this without creating an eyesore requires the cabling to be run behind the wall, if you do this wall mounted TV's look great, but then you decide to buy a Blu Ray player and you need to run another cable to the TV....

    Cantilever TV stands cut out this headache by offering a much more flexible solution to the problem. A cantilever TV stand is a raised home for your Plasma or LCD TV, much like a wall mount solution, however the flexibility of a free standing unit makes life alot easier if you ever need to change equipment or add cabling. When buying a mountable TV stand you should always check the supplied mounting bracket to ensure it is compatible with your TV, measure the mounting holes on the back of your TV set and ensure that the bracket is large enough, if you have a TV 32" or smaller it is important to check that the bracket itself is not larger than the TV, there are many cantilever stands specifically designed for smaller televisions so why should you buy one where the bracket protrudes from wither side of the screen. Follow this simple advice and you should be fine.

  • Why Flat Screen TVs Changed TV Furniture Forever

    Before the days of flat screen televisions if you wanted to buy some TV furniture you would have to either use the stand supplied with the TV itself, made by Panasonic, Sony or Sharp or whoever, or you would have to purchase a generic furniture cabinet which has not bee specifically designed for home cinema use. This all changed with the introduction of flat panel TV's, in the early days of Plasma televisions Alphason launched and successfully promoted various glass TV stands, suddenly consumers realised that they didn't have to tolerate the garish and cheap plastic designs which electrical manufacturers gave away with their products and they actually had a little bit of choice of when it came to purchasing TV furniture.

    Electrical giants like Sony responded with new TV stand designs which aimed to emulate the successes of companies like Alphason, Optimum and Spectral, however these were generally limited in options and overpriced. It quickly became apparent that consumers were expecting more and more choice, today TV stands and TV cabinets are a type of furniture in their own right, with a whole host of brands and manufacturer's, at Big AV we currently stock 23 brands of TV furniture, so whether you are looking for clear glass, black glass, walnut wood, espresso on oak or black stained oak we have products to meet your desires.

  • Big AV Proud to Become Salamader TV Stands and Cabinets Stockist

    Salamander are a leading manufacturer of TV stands and TV cabinets, based in the US Salamander are one of the most desired brands of TV furniture in existence. Each of the stands and cabinets is constructed from real wood with a steel framework, this combination ensures the rigid structure is exceptionally low resonance and that video and audio quality will be exceptional. Salamander are renowned for innovation, so what is so different about these stands? Salamander TV cabinets offer unparalleled performance for amplifiers if you purchase the optional cooling system, this is not just vents in a shelf or a simple fan mechanism, this is amplifier air conditioning. The cooling system has it's own dedicated thermostat and regulates the temperature of the air inside a cabinet compartment maintaining exactly the temperature you desire, the system can even plug into the amplifier and control the temperature of the unit itself. Heat is the number one cause of breakdown and quality reduction with high end audio and video equipment, particularly with amplifiers and receivers, the Salamander cabinets may be at the higher end of the TV furniture price ranges but if you own an expensive, high end audio system and you want to place it inside a cabinet can you really afford not to buy a Salamander TV cabinet.

    The stand out model in the Salamander range is the Berlin model, we will very shortly have a Salamander Berlin on display in our Huddersfield store, the Berlin features Salamander's high end build quality and is beautifully finished in Wenga wood. If you want to see one of these superb stands in real life or see the advanced cooling systems working magic just give us a call on 01484 420088 to arrange a demonstration.

  • Why TV Stands are the Best Way of Accomodating a LCD, LED or Plasma TV

    Since the television was invented there has always been a need to place the television somewhere, throughout time many different ideas have been experimented with since the invention of the TV, by businesses, schools and private consumers, it turns out nobody has reached a definitive solution.

    Websites like Big AV now exist because of the overwhelming number of LCD TV Units, Plasma TV cabinets, TV Stands and High Definition TV Furniture units being manufactured here in the UK, in Europe, in America and in the far east. Many people place their TV on an existing cabinet, sideboard or table but this is not the best way to go. Often these kinds of general furniture items have not been designed to absorb vibrations resulting in unpleasant vibrations which not only ruin the viewing and listening experience but also run the risk of damaging the furniture underneath. Traditional cabinets may seem like the perfect place to keep a TV and A equipment but often these products do not have adequate ventilation this could easily result in damage to the equipment itself and if the cabinet is real wood over exposure to excess heat may result in the cabinet warping. Dedicated TV stands and TV furniture feature specially designed cable management systems ensuring that cables can be hidden from view, this is a luxury you do not find on basic sideboards or antique furniture.

  • TV Stands to Christmas Trees You Need Good Staff

    Whatever type of product you decide to sell online it is crucial to employ hard working and reliable staff. Unlike other unskilled work an online business comprises of a fair degree of complexity even for the base level staff, with a website like Big AV the staff will be expected to deal with many suppliers of TV stands and will also have to build a good understanding of a customers needs. A sales person must listen, many sales people will try to talk over the top of the customer and shove products down their throat, all the staff at Big AV are trained to ask the questions until they understand what type of a product the customer is looking for. Once we have established exactly what the customer wants we will present them with all fo the possible choices and offer them the best deal possible.

    The other staff issue is reliability, fortunately at Big AV all of our employees have a passion for the job and for the business and dedication comes as standard. The last thing you need is some joker who calls in sick due to "the worst hangover of his life" and follows up by finally turning up, at lunchtime the next week. Good staff make a good business for both customers and growth.

  • White TV Furniture is Growing in Popularity

    As the flat panel TV furniture market has grown, consumers often expect more than a clear glass or black glass 3 shelf TV stand, in the early days of Plasma TV's these stands were different and provided a trendy way of housing the ultra stylish and then expensive Plasma TV, as flat panel prices fell so did the cost of glass stands and they are no longer considered an ultra stylish solution anymore, they are simply too common.

    The latest trend of TV furniture seems to be white TV furniture, with more and more consumers purchasing white furniture and more and more manufacturers manufacturing new models and styles. White furniture helps to brighten up a room and complements laminated flooring and wooden flooring, particulary suited to large open plan rooms the large white TV cabinets from manufacturers like BDI have become a very fashionable home for your Plasma, LCD or LED TV.

    White furniture gives a room a sense of space, the light colour helps to keep the natural light of the room and keeps the room feeling airy and fresh. Many of the new white TV stands and cabinets are finished in brilliant gloss white, a trend also seen in car manufacturing with a flood of brilliant white high end vehicles on the road. So when you are giving your living room a makeover consider what it might look like if those familiar colours were injected with a gloss white TV cabinet.

  • Cantilever TV Stands

    Cantilever TV stands are a modern alternative to wall mounting a Plasma, LCD or LED TV. The concept of a cantilever TV stand is to fix the TV to a bracket built into the TV stand itself, the TV can therefore be completely free standing and still look ultra smart with a floating design.

    There is a cantilever TV stand for every type and size of TV in the market, most cantilever TV stands feature a universal bracket which will fit the vast majority of Plasma and LCD TV's. If you have any doubts over compatibility of your TV stand with a particular cantilever TV stand give the experts at a call and they can provide friendly advice and recommend the product which is right for you.

    Cantilever TV stands are available in many different sizes and styles from a wide range of brands. You can now purchase tall exhibition style cantilever TV stands, glass cantilever TV stands and wooden cantilever TV stands. The other latest trend in the world of television furniture is enclosed TV cabinets and some leading manufacturers have already released stylish furniture which blends these two designs together, these products provide the style of a wall mounted television or a cantilever TV stand with the safety provided by a cabinet enclosure, equipment remains concealed and protected from messy fingers, paws and dust.

  • New TV Stands from Alphason, Techlink, BDI and Atacama

    As with all areas of consumer electronics the period between September and early December always sees the release of many new products. Despite the tough economic conditions of 2009 the demand for LCD and Plasma televisions has been fairly robust especially when compared to the motor and fashion industries. Fuelled by Digital Switch over the demand for all sizes of LCD and Plasma screens has continued to accelerate and the manufacturers of TV furniture continue to release new and innovative products.

    Gone are the days of just glass TV stands, the original 3 shelf table top glass TV stand is now beginning to look seriously outdated in the face of new sleeker, modern and more sophisticated offerings which can hold their own against dedicated living room furniture. Of course the advantage of specially designed TV furniture is that it has features which enable home cinema systems to be used to their optimum quality and perform to their best in the tidiest possible way. Rigid shelving and strengthened chassis' help to reduce vibrations which restrict quality and can result in a loss of both acoustic and visual performance. TV cabinets are specially designed to cope with the heat that is created from AV units and will not warp in the way a traditional sideboard would.

  • The Importance of Postal Insurance when Purchasing a TV Stand

    When you buy a TV stand online you expect the piece of furniture to be delivered in perfect condition, at Big AV we believe that anything less than perfect is not acceptable. However there are some people in this world that do not place such high values on supplying products in perfect condition, so who could that be? Couriers of course.

    Websites like Big AV provide customers with an incredible amount of choice, highly competitive prices (much, much cheaper than found on the high street and in retail parks) and quality service and advice from trained professionals but due to the geographic nature of an internet business almost all retailers will have to rely on a courier to deliver the goods to the customer. At Big AV we have used a large number of couriers and have eventually discovered DHL and Business Post to be the best bet of delivering our TV stands to our customers, unfortunately every now and then we encounter careless delivery drivers who throw parcels off the lorry straight onto the ground, drivers unable to read the word "fragile" and even seemingly drunk fork lift drivers who manage to smash parcels instead of loading them.

    OK, so a courier has damaged your parcel, now what? Most couriers do provide compensation but they will make you go through a very long winded and painfull process before you see compensation, think at least three months not 3 days and even then they will try every loop hole and excuse to avoid coughing up.

    At Big AV we add extra packaging to many products to try to ensure safe delivery but more importantly we provide free insurance on all of our deliveries, so if the careless driver strikes, we will simply send you out another brand new glass or wood TV stand and take care of all of the headache for you.

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