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  • Contemporary TV Stands or Antique TV Furniture

    The TV stand and TV cabinet market has shown some strange patterns and trends over the years, the question we are posing today is whether we will see more ultra modern TV stands or more contemporary TV stands in the future, as the design of the television screens has become ever more glossy and ever more modern some TV furniture has moved in the same direction this can be evidenced with the mix of cantilever TV stands which are now available on the market, other contemporary designs include the fantastic mickey mouse TV stand, combining modern shelving with cleverly designed media storage compartments and a truly unique shape and design.

    For every modern product which has been released there has been a surprising response as many major manufacturers have created TV furniture with antique styling, most of these designs have come from the states the true home of antique TV furniture, with a wide range of brands combining traditional styling with modern features, these designers include Salamander Designs and BDI TV stands, both of these brands manufacture a whole range of television cabinets with traditional styling.

    Surprisingly we are seeing more and more TV furniture and wood TV stands, than ever before, maybe the ultra modern looks of the TV's themselves leave consumers looking for ways to tone down the effect of high tech equipment and create a more welcoming, homely ambience in their living rooms.

  • The Importance of A Website for TV Stand Manufacturers

    Here at Big AV we put great emphasis on trying to make our website as useful and as informative as possible, if you think we are failing to do this in any way please feel free to post a suggestion, we are always looking for ways to improve, what we find interesting is that many manufacturers have websites which often lack the vital information you are looking for as a potential purchaser of a TV stand.

    Lets start with the good, American manufacturers BDI and their UK distributors Optimum have superb websites which are informative and could significantly aid a customer who was thinking of purchasing a TV stand or a TV cabinet, the whole BDI product range is clearly laid out and each product contains bucket loads of info and additional pictures to help a customer make the right decision. Other fantastic TV stand websites from manufacturers include the Alphason website, the Salamander Designs Website and the Audinni websites show how it can and should be done.

    Unfortunately some manufacturers need to put in abit of work, Spectral and Just Racks are superb brands of television furniture, however the websites are difficult to use and that is if you are lucky enough to land on the website in the English language. This is where we at Big AV try to make life easier for you as a consumer, compare our Spectral TV Stand pages to that of the manufacturer, we spend hours looking through brochures, taking pictures and checking specifications with the people who make the TV stands and then try to roll of this TV furniture information into one simple product page. We think we do this process pretty well, but if you have any suggestions or think we need to include more detailed information in some areas let us know and we will take this on board and try to improve our website.

  • Iconic UKGL-510 COMING SOON

    We are proud to be one of the first retailers to be getting the NEW Iconic UKGL 510 designer cantilever TV stand in stock.  This is a brand new product and is due in towards the middle of next month, so in plenty of time for Christmas.  Featuring an ultra modern high gloss black finish and having the ability to support an LCD or plasma up to 46" we know that this is going to be one of this seasons hot products. We expect to be taking pre orders from the first of November, once we have finalised the pricing with Iconic

  • Iconic TV Stands range now in Stock

    We now have the full Iconic TV stands range available to order on our site.  We currently have all the stands listed with photos dimensions and basic specifications but keep coming back as we will be adding full detailed descriptions to all of them shortly.  In the mean time if you need any information about any of the fantastic Iconic range you can call FREE on 08000 556209.

    With the addition of Iconic that takes the number of different brands we have available to 24.  But we are not content with just having the biggest range in the UK.  We aim to provide the worlds most comprehensive selection of TV and AV furniture, so keep checking back as we are always adding new and exciting products

  • International TV Furniture: Plasma and LCD Stands & Cabinets From Overseas

    The UK TV furniture market has rapidly expanded, many new brands have entered the UK TV furniture market and existing manufacturers have expanded their ranges with releases of new products as they try to cater for a wider range of consumer tastes and budgets, but as usual in the UK we are missing many of the most exciting products on the market.

    BDI TV furniture and Salamander Designs TV furniture have made it across from the states, other imports into the UK include the two German manufacturers Spectral and Jahnke who both manufacture high quality LCD stands and Plasma cabinets. Here in the UK we are clearly missing some inspirational designs like the Lovan brand of television stands which has become famous in the USA, it is well known for the innovative TV lift cabinets, these ingenious TV cabinets conceal a flat panel TV inside the cabinet which lifts out of the top when you want to watch it. It's not just sheer innovation where the US is ahead of the game, in terms of options and flexibility for example if you desire a taller TV cabinet there are products like this hooker TV cabinet is the perfect solution for accommodating a modern Plasma TV and blending it into traditional surroundings. Unlike many of the more traditional TV stands, these designs are made as a solid oak tv stand, for a more natural look in the home.

  • Has TV Stand and TV Furniture Design Gone Too Far?

    As we have previously documented in this blog the TV furniture market has seen rapid and relentless expansion with more and more new, innovative products released on the market every month. Ambitious designers and manufacturers have looked for new and exciting ways of housing a LED, LCD or Plasma TV, while some of the results are staggering the beautiful BDI TV Stands for example, some television furniture may have taken a few wrong turns somewhere in the design.

    The Dalcans design cube television cabinet is certainly revolutionary but it does remain debatable as to whether this kind of ultra modern TV cabinet has a place in the UK market. The designers basically decided that it was boring and restrictive to just place a TV on top of a cabinet and that this kind of futuristic design is superior in terms of visuals and functionality.

    The American market has seen more and more innovation and the media wall concept seems to really be catching on across the Atlantic, whether or not these modernistic stands will be a concept which catches on here in the UK. Cantilever TV stands have now caught on here so maybe we can expect to see some movement from the UK market with this type of product. I guess many people will think these manufacturers are lunatics and that they would never put something so obtrusive in their living rooms, but for somebody with the right living space a piece of contemporary luxury TV furniture could be the icing on the cake for your home cinema system.

  • Weird and Wonderful TV Stands

    There are many new types of TV furniture being launched onto the market, you only have to look at a free web directory to see what we mean, the level of competition in this new furniture market is fierce and manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to get one up on their competitors. Techlink have produced the funky Opod and Ovid series of TV stands which would not look out of place in an Austin Powers movie, but the retro design has become very popular in funky town houses and flats. One of the most remarkable TV stands I have seen is a TV stand with a built in fireplace, this TV cabinet has a funky electric fire built into the lower compartment, I don't know how that would affect AV equipment and if the cabinet is designed to provide cooling to the equipment but it is certainly a novel idea and a unique product.

    Other manufacturers like Salamander Designs TV Cabinets combine traditional styling with powerful modern features for use with high quality AV equipment, in a contrary manner to the above TV stand Salamander Designs do everything they can to keep the cabinet interior cool with an active cooling system which has it's own thermostat. Jahnke are a German manufacturer of TV furniture and they have released the highly inventive Luxor range of TV cabinets and media walls, some of these have built in speaker systems to provide an all in one home theatre solution. Check out our full range of TV units for more examples of high quality TV cabinets with built in speakers from Sharp and Spectral.

  • Is UK or US Customer Service Better: Salamander Designs

    Salamander Designs are an American manufacturer of high quality AV furniture, the TV cabinets are clearly geared at the high of the market and with that high price tag you would certainly expect high standards of customer service to go with it. We have dealt with the Salamander Designs UK distributers Atacama/Nordost for over a year now and we have found the customer service to be superb, in the event of any disatisifed customer the sales manager of the company will personally call the customer and do whatever he can to resolve the problem, what more could the consumer or the retailer ask for?

    It was a great surprise for me to come across a consumer who describes the Salamander Customer Service. I was greatly surprised to read about this and was staggered at the comparison to the class leading service we receive on Salamander Designs TV furniture in the UK.

    So it begs the question is UK customer service or US customer service better? Well I undertook a little research and found this article on UK and US customer service, certainly this paints a contradictory picture.

  • Are The Prices of TVs, AV Receivers and TV Stands Going up or Down?

    As the financial markets crashed chaos has broken out in the UK import/export market, the flat panel TV is a perfect example, before the Northern Rock disaster of 2008 LCD and Plasma TV's were gradually falling in price and they had been for quite some time. However the cost of an imported product is heavily dependent on the exchange rate of the pound against the US dollar which is still recognised as the global currency, as both the UK and the US markets crashed the exchange rate has shifted considerably, at the time of writing the pound seems to be gaining ground on the dollar and is at it's strongest levels since the beginning of the year, this means that imported products should be costing slightly less, if you thought that you would unfortunately be wrong.

    Electrical giants are still significantly out of pocket due to low corporate TV sales, as businesses make do with old projectors, so costs have fallen but so has demand therefore manufacturers are trying to increase their profit margins. So what about Hi-Fi industry, a typically robust sector, Hi-Fi equipment is based on quality more than innovation therefore a Hi-Fi product has a longer lifespan than a home cinema product, however in these dark economic times consumers are opting to wait to purchase Hi-Fi equipment, we have seen Onkyo reduce the prices of it's amplifiers this year, the HiFi industry works on superior margins and now is perhaps the time when some of the profit margin will be sacrificed in an attempt to find increased demand. TV Furniture has been a bouyant industry during the 21st century, the introduction of flat panel TV's opened up an entire new market which has been entered by many manufacturers, we have seen the prices of budget TV stands fall and they can now be found at exceptionally low prices, however the mid and high end products have stood firm and we have seen some new entrants aiming at high end consumers enter the market, when buying a TV stand you can buy whatever you want, some retailers are selling basic stands at almost cost import price whereas the innovative products remain pricier as manufacturers hold out for high margins.

    It looks like the best bargains may be in the HiFi sector this year, however one thing is sure the beginning of 2010 is certainly bleak for consumers and retailers alike as VAT is increased, our advice beat the taxman and order before January.

  • Why Its Important to Have Adequate Ventilation and Cooling with Amplifiers

    Your amplifier or AV receiver is one of the most hard working parts of your home cinema system, amplifiers really do the leg work when it comes to producing audio. When purchasing an AV amplifier it is important to consider where you will place that amplifier and whether it will have sufficient ventilation prevent itseelf from cutting out or even worse causing permanent damage. A discussion on AV forums talks about the risks of failing to provide sufficient ventilation for an amplifier.

    When buying an AV amplifier or receiver, an integrated stereo amp, power amp, pre-amp or valve amp the principle always remains the same make sure your TV stand or Hifi Rack has sufficient ventilation. Read about these poor people who failed to ventilate their amplifiers properly, when considering your budget and how much you have to spend on an amplifier consider the importance of adequate ventilation because a failure to do so as the above people experienced causes your amplifier to melt internally, that is permanent damage which results in the hub of your home cinema or Hi-Fi system requiring very expensive repair or the more likely outcome of complete replacement. If you do not want to buy an expensive AV cabinet with flow through ventilation or an active cooling system get the dimple things right, if possible buy an open stand and try to make sure there is a fair bit of clearance between the top of the amplifier and the shelf in the Hi-Fi rack.

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