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  • Should we add office furniture to our growing range of LCD TV Stands and Plasma TV Cabinets?

    Here at Big AV we are always looking to improve upon our customer servicing all departments, we have had recent requests to stock office furniture in addition to our wide range of TV stands, TV furniture and TV cabinets. Like the glass TV stand there is now a wide range of glass office furniture. Why should you have to put up with a boring MDF desk from Ikea?

    The TV stand world was once very similar, the explosion of trendy glass stands has enabled us to provide you the consumer with a huge range of TV stands for flat panel TV's to improve the aesthetics d atmosphere in your living room, whilst we were once limited to selling glass TV stands a great variety of wood TV stands have now emerged onto the market.

    Office furniture would be a whole new sector for us at Big AV and we are leaving it up to you the consumer to decide if you would like us to stock it. There are already good websites out there providing home office furniture but we think that our satisfied customer base should hopefully provide enough word of mouth promotion, so let us know what you think, should we sell just TV stands or move into the office furniture market.

  • Buy Innovative TV Stands and Furniture Without Breaking the Bank

    The TV stands and TV furniture market has exploded in recent years with more choice now on the market than ever before, some of the latest products are truly innovative and have striking looks which accentuate the contemporary finishes of the latest Plasma and LCD televisions. TV stands like the BDI Vista 9960 (pictured below) looks fantastic but with a retail price of over five hundred pounds sterling it ought to.

    However there are now many stylish and affordable furniture solutions on the market, Portability have produced a range of budget TV stands with a couple of stand out models like the Portability GT8 Oval glass TV stand.

    Other bargain basement TV stands which look the business include the ever popular Stil Stuk 2053 cantilever TV stand, Alphason have recently released some quality TV cabinets which are also available at unbelievable prices. Another brand which seems to be significantly growing in popularity is Iconic, blending contemporary design with traditional TV stand features the Iconic range has captured the imagination of many consumers and brought it to reality.

    Aquila AV technology manufacture superb cantilever TV stands and the FAV-S24R and the AB-K111 are shining examples of quality and style blended into a single, affordable package. We can't forget to mention Techlink either, the Opod TV Stand and Ovid TV cabinet designs fuse retro styling with glossy modern finishing for products ideal for trendy flats and homes.

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