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  • Why TV Stands and TV Furniture Cabinets Have Become More Sophisticated

    When Plasma TV's first hit the market consumers were amazed by the swanky new ultra thin sets, it was now possible to mount even the largest TV set on the wall. This concept was totally fresh and represented a status symbol as Plasma TV's were ridiculously expensive, for those who didn't want to wall mount a very limited range of TV furniture was offered, basically 3 shelf glass TV stands, designed with functionality in mind these stands were not designed to match other pieces of living room furniture. For further information please browse our main site or one of our friends websites to find out information on TV stands are for an IE 9 test.

    So, if you didn't want the hassle of wall mounting a TV you had no other real option but to buy a glass TV stand. Most consumers already have bookcases, sideboards and other living room furniture like coffee tables, these tend to be finished in wood, currently oak furniture is the most popular. It took a while but eventually TV furniture manufacturers responded and released a range of wooden TV stands.

    Whether your living room furniture is made up of dark or light wood units, cherry or mahogany you should now be able to find a wooden TV furniture unit which fits the bill. In the past you could have purchased a standard wood cabinet but it would not have TV and home cinema features like cable management, 360 degree rolling castors, ventilation and compartments measured specifically for audio and video components, but now it is a different story just browse our TV stand website to get an idea just how wide the range of TV furniture as now become.

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