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  • Buying A TV Stand for Your New LCD, LED or Plasma TV, Which Suits Your Room Aesthetics

    When choosing your TV furniture it is important to consider the surroundings, ideally you want your TV stand to accommodate all of your AV equipment in style without sacrificing functionality. It is always critical you purchase a TV stand which can support the weight of your LCD, LED or Plasma television and also offers sufficient cable management to keep all wiring under control.

    Once you have satisfied this criteria you can then move onto thinking about the styling of the TV stand or TV cabinet. When purchasing TV stands for LCD TV's it is critical that you consider the interior design of your living room. The first thing to think about is what kind of floor you have, companies like iFlooring, one of the few laminate flooring companies in Londonprovide a database of flooring information to help you the customer, make the most informed choice regarding products and suppliers. Once the flooring is decided you need to make sure your TV stand matches, if you have a walnut floor have a look at Walnut TV cabinets.

    Also consider who lives in your household, if you have pets or children a cantilever TV stand may make more sense because the TV will be suspended in the air away from inquisitive fingers or paws respectively. If you have low seating you may be better off with a two shelf TV stand so you are not looking up at the TV screen. Those who are challenged for space may find a corner TV stand a sensible option as it tucks deep into the corner of the room saving space.

  • Just A Few Things You Should Think About Before Buying A TV Stand or TV Cabinet

    Obviously we have had to learn a thing or two about what makes a good TV stand. With our range of over 800 TV furniture units we have seen pretty much everything that top brands have to offer when it comes to housing your TV.

    Cable management is one of the first things you should consider when purchasing a TV stand or TV cabinet. Modern flat panel TV's are beautiful in design and construction and with a site like Big AV you have a wide range of TV stands for LCD TV's which offer equally beautiful aesthetics, but before you buy what you think is the perfect TV stand ensure that it features an intelligent cable management system ensuring all wiring is kept well out of sight.

    A good TV stand will have a rigid structure which resists rather than amplifies vibrations, if you are placing your centre channel speaker onto the TV stand this becomes even more important as any kind of resonance will seriously reduce your overall enjoyment of our film or music. A good TV stand will resolve these issues significantly reducing the resonance and improving sound quality.

    The other important thing to think about when you are purchasing a TV stand is the overall flexibility and interior space, it is critical you can fit all of your equipment inside but you should also consider the future, are you planning to get Sky TV? If so remember you need to accommodate that box, we find the best strategy is always to buy something with more internal space than is initially required and go for a TV stand with adjustable shelves to give you that extra flexibility if it is ever required.

    Of course you should also consider how it looks, do you want a glass, gloss wood or stained wood finish? Consider the surroundings, the type of flooring you have is also important, we would recommend browsing on the internet for laminate flooring, you will be provided with a database of flooring information to help you the customer, make the most informed choice regarding products and suppliers. What kind of shape TV stand are you looking for, do you want a cantilever TV stand which offers an excellent alternative to wall mounting or would you prefer a corner black TV cabinet? A TV stand is a piece of furniture which most people will look at every day so it's worth spending a little time and money in getting the right piece of furniture for you.

    I hope these points can help people out, if you have further questions, feel free to contact us here for friendly advice....

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