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  • Home Entertainment Furniture for your At Home Cinema Experience


    When you are ready to create a spectacular home cinema, there are dozens of furniture styles available for you to choose from. You can go with the traditional look of real wood, or go with a more modernized display that will showcase your latest high tech purchases. There are many items that you will need to purchase in order to make your home cinema complete including wall mounts, speaker stands, Hi-Fi stands and many other home entertainment furniture items that will help to enhance your viewing experience. And the best part is that you can find all these items at a price that will fit your home entertainment budget plan.

    Wall Mounts and TV Stands that will Properly Display your Flat Screen

    If you have recently purchased a brand new flat screen, you have two options when it comes to displaying your new television. You can either use a wall mount or a stylish TV stand. Each option offers plenty of benefits for the user such as eye level viewing, storage space, or making use of blank wall space.

    Many people prefer to use wall mounts especially if they are trying to create an at-home cinema setting. However, others may choose to go with a high quality TV stand made from real wood veneer, glass, or metal materials.  You can find TV stands with built-in speakers for space-saving convenience, and luxury style TV stands that feature unique styles that will coordinate perfectly with your modernized furnishings.

     Speaker Stands and HiFi Stands that will protect your Most Expensive Equipment

     You cannot fully appreciate the functionality of your home cinema system without the right type of speakers. And the best way to display your speakers with is by using high quality speaker stands. Choose from Duo Series speaker stands, available in various heights and colours that are ideal for bookshelf and satellite style speakers. The Duo series includes models Duo 6, Duo 7 and Duo 10, and they are all built from steel materials and manufactured at the Atacama factory which is located in Leicestershire.


    HiFi Stands provide you with an excellent way to display all your entertainment equipment in one location. These multi-tier shelves are strong and durable enough to hold your DVR boxes, stereo equipment, and Blu-Ray players so that you can keep all your devices in one safe and convenient location. You can find shelves with as few as 3 shelves, or as many 7 that will help complete your home cinema experience.

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