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  • Add PC Gaming to your Home Entertainment System

    If you are looking for a way to add more versatility and fun to your home entertainment setup, then you may want to consider an HTPC system. These innovative consoles have taken the world of PC gaming to a whole new level and allow avid gamers to enjoy their favourite computer games on their big screen TV.  Continue reading

  • Are Curved TVs the Look of the Future or Just a Fad?

    Recently top-selling brands such as LG and Samsung have introduced Curved TVs to the industry. There are some consumers who are eager to try out this new, innovative viewing experience in their homes while others are sceptical about the claims associated with the new curved design. Curved TVs are supposed to provide the viewer with a consistent view across the entire screen for an optimized viewing experience. This new design is supposed to make the screen appear larger than it actually is, and help to improve viewing angles. The makers of curved TVs have also claimed that the design provides a better overall contrast and picture quality as it helps to minimize the effects of any ambient light in the room. Continue reading

  • Tips on Choosing a Pre-Packaged Surround Sound System

    Televisions have come a long way from the standard models we all used decades ago. While HDTVs and the more recent 4K models have greatly improved how we view our favourite programs, many people are still choosing to use surround sound systems with their modern TVs to enhance the audio quality. If you want to enjoy a true home theatre experience, you can’t go wrong by adding a pre-packaged surround sound system to your current set-up. Here are a few tips on how to choose a sound system based on the features that most units have available. Continue reading

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