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  • The Benefits of 3D Space Planning for your TV room

    3D Space Planning is an innovative new way to take the stress out of interior design. This process can help you to virtually see how your room will look with the addition of potential new furniture choices. With this technique, consumers do not have to wonder how a large desk or TV cabinet will look inside their office or home theatre. It takes a lot of guesswork out of decorating and can help save you time and effort. Continue reading

  • The Best Way to Display Your New Curved TV

    Curved screen TVs have been making waves in the electronics industry for several months now and many consumers have already jumped on the bandwagon to try out this new growing trend. Most of the major TV brands such as Samsung and Sony have already released curved TVs in various screen sizes and have seen sales rise as the feature gains more popularity. Many people who already own a curved TV say that it provides them with a brand new viewing experience that allows them to become completely immersed in the program they are watching. And owners that are into changing up their home d├ęcor appreciate the fact that these new TV models have a sleek, contemporary design that looks very futuristic. Continue reading

  • Top Home Theatre Seating Trends

    Your home theatre set up will never be complete without the right type of seating to go along with your large screen TV and impressive sound system. In order to get the full effect of your expensive home electronics, you need to trade in your basic sofa and recliner for luxurious home theatre seating options that will instantly transform your family room or den into a mini cinema. Here are some of the latest trends in home theatre seating that any TV or movie enthusiast will want to have in their home. Continue reading

  • How to Get the Best Sound out of your Home Theatre

    You have invested thousands into your home theatre setup with the highest quality devices that are available from the electronics industry. You may have purchased a large screen 4K TV, new AV furniture, and the highest rated speakers on the market, but did you know that they way that you have your surround sound speakers set up can greatly affect the benefits that you receive from these high-tech devices? Continue reading

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