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  • Top AV Must Haves for 2015

    As we come to an end of another year it is time to take a look at the top audio/video trends for 2015 and why these products were so popular among consumers. Continue reading

  • Options for Displaying a Curved TV

    Curved TVs have become very popular over the past several months and are still continuing to grow in popularity. Whether they provide you with a better picture and more intense viewing experience is still up in the air at the moment. But one thing is for certain, this new TV fad is not going anywhere anytime soon. Continue reading

  • The Hottest Trends in Home Entertainment

    With technology changing every day, it can be difficult to keep your home entertainment setup up to date with the latest trends. There is always something brand new and exciting to add to your collection that will help to make your viewing experience better than ever before. And while some of these upgrades may cost a small fortune, there are a wide variety of electronics out there that are affordable enough so that everyone can upgrade their system easily. If you are interested in giving your TV and components an upgrade, you should definitely pay attention to the latest trends. Continue reading

  • Why You Should Add a Sound Bar to your AV Setup

    A sound bar can provide TV viewers with all the benefits of a large surround sound speaker system without taking up all the extra space. These compact, inexpensive speakers have a sleek, futuristic design that pairs well with any flat screen TV and can provide you with exceptional sound that is far superior to anything you will receive from your TV’s original speakers. Before you decide to buy a brand new sound bar, you should understand more about how it works and the features that are available. Continue reading

  • Everything You Should Know About OLED TVs Before You Buy

    There are many different varieties of televisions on the market at the moment. The latest models, the 4K resolution and Curved screen TVs, are currently flying off the shelves while the classic Plasma, LED and LCD screen TVs are still doing well in sales. With the prices dropping on many older model TVs as we approach the holiday season, now is the best time to buy a new TV.  If you are interested in upgrading your current flat screen to something with more features or a much bigger screen, you may want to consider an OLED TV. Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons why A TV Cabinet is better than a Wall Mount

    If you are in the market for a brand new Plasma or LCD TV then you should also be looking for a way to display it. You basically have two different products to choose from, a wall mount and a TV stand. While a wall mount will give you the benefit for a cinema-like experience by placing your flat screen on the wall, there are many reasons why a TV cabinet is a much better choice.               Continue reading

  • A Brief History of Television

    Television has become such a major part of our daily lives, so much in fact that it is hard for many of us to imagine life without it. TV is capable of providing entertainment for people of all ages. It is also a great resource for news, weather, information and advertising purposes. But the traditional television set was not always the multifunctional tool that we have grown so accustomed to. Lets take a look back at how TV sets have changed over the years and how it all began. Continue reading

  • TV Upgrade Tips: When is the Best Time to Buy?

    The Christmas season is upon us and now is the best time for consumers who are in the market for a brand new TV to shop around and find the best deals. There are basically two things to consider when it comes to purchasing a brand new TV, the price and the features. And with new technology changing the way we experience home entertainment, the options for a TV upgrade these days are endless. Continue reading

  • Tips for Buying a New Smart TV

    Are you ready to watch TV with all the latest high-tech advancements? Then you must be in the market for a brand new Smart TV. These innovative televisions have changed the electronics industry forever and have made it possible for us to view our favourite TV shows and online content on the same screen. No we no longer have to leave the couch in order to check our email or find out what our friends are up to on social media, the world wide web can be at your fingertips at the same location where you watch your favourite TV shows, movies and sports programs. Continue reading

  • Top Gifts for AV Enthusiasts

    The Christmas season is well and truly upon us and what better way to let that someone special know just how much you care than by presenting them with a gift that you know they are going to enjoy for many years to come. If you have a gadget guru on your gift-giving list, then you know that a high tech device under the tree will surely put a huge smile on their face. But what if you are not as tech-savvy as the recipient? How do you know what type of gift to give your AV fan? By choosing from one of the following items. Continue reading

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