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  1. Let's Talk About Audio Video Racks

    Let's Talk About Audio Video Racks
    Audio and video equipment can be expensive. So once we've bought it we like to keep it safe. For a lot of enthusiasts, this means placing the individual components together in a dedicated rack. Audio Video racks come in all sizes and shapes, with different designs and surface finishes, but they all have one thing in common: they're ideal for keeping your costly equipment secure and organized and can be crucial for problem-free operation in the years ahead. Continue reading →
  2. Growing Trends for your Home Theatre

    Growing Trends for your Home Theatre
    Your home theatre is an investment that you should be proud of. Whether you have gone with the basics in home entertainment for your amped-up TV room or have gone all out with theatre style seating and the largest big screen TV you could find, you have managed to create a comfortable place inside your home where you, your family and friends can gather and be entertained. When you are ready to add something new to your home theatre, be sure to check out the following hot new trends. Continue reading →
  3. BBC Charter Renewal

    BBC Charter Renewal
    The BBC has been ordered by Culture Secretary John Whittingdale to put 'distinctive content' at its heart. Mr. Whittingdale made the comment during the most recent discussions surrounding a government announced major overhaul of the BBC. Continue reading →
  4. Clean Up Your AV Cables

    Clean Up Your AV Cables
    It's often the case that the front of our entertainment systems looks as clean and neat as the day we first bought them. But when we look around the back we're greeted with the nightmare view of a mess of twisted wires, tangled cables and full ports. Here are some easy ways to organize those cables and wires and even make room for more devices. Continue reading →

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