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  1. Quo Vadis BBC3?

    Quo Vadis BBC3?
    On 16th February 2016, BBC3 moved from our TV schedules to become an online only channel. In a recent article on the Radio Times website, journalist Ben Dowell talked to BBC3 Controller, Damian Kavanagh in an attempt to assess the performance of the channel after the controversial migration. Continue reading →
  2. Is It Okay For Grown Men To Play Video Games?

    Is It Okay For Grown Men To Play Video Games?
    A recent discussion on the Hubpages forum for video and computer games tried to tackle the issue of adult male gamers. The discussion began with a cry for help from a community member worried their older brother was spending too much time on his Play Station. The user, calling themselves Kiki 1012, said they understood that everyone needs a hobby, but questioned the practice of grown men spending hours playing computer games. Kiki 1012 called for advice about how to deal with an older brother who lived on his own and played PS3 from dusk till dawn and asked, “Shouldn't he be doing something more constructive with his time?” Continue reading →
  3. Those Eyes-A Brief History of IMDb

    Those Eyes-A Brief History of IMDb
    It may surprise you that the IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) was brought to life all because of one man's infatuation with the eyes of beautiful actresses. The popular online information resource for all things television, films and video games began way back in 1990 with a Usenet post from computer programmer Col Needham. Continue reading →
  4. Why British TV is Getting Bigger in The USA

    Why British TV is Getting Bigger in The USA
    In a recent article on The Telegraph website, author and columnist, Josie Ensor, took a stab at explaining American viewers' new-found love for television made in the UK. And according to the article, a lot of it has to do with British funny man, Ricky Gervais; when The Office' first made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean, the show was changed to depict a small-time manager in Pennsylvania. Much like the setting for 'The Thick of It' was moved from Westminster to Washington. Continue reading →
  5. Professional Home Cinema Installation

    Professional Home Cinema Installation
    When it comes to the installation of a dedicated home cinema, AV enthusiasts are faced with two choices: do it yourself or call in a professional. Often, the budget will play a major role in that decision, but also the handyman skills of the enthusiasts themselves. If you are considering sourcing a professional company to install your home theatre, here's a few pointers to help you choose the right company and avoid disappointment. Continue reading →
  6. Some Thoughts on Wireless Speaker Systems

    Some Thoughts on Wireless Speaker Systems
    With high levels of convenience and flexibility, wireless speaker systems are becoming increasingly popular with home cinema enthusiasts. But there's more to wireless than a simple lack of cables. Here are some thoughts on wireless speaker systems that may help with your own home theatre solution. Continue reading →
  7. How To Give Your Family Room A Home Theatre Look

    How To Give Your Family Room A Home Theatre Look
    For some of us less fortunate AV enthusiasts, the luxury of a dedicated home cinema is simply not an option. Very often, the only space available will be some kind of multi-functional room we share with the rest of the family. But we shouldn't let that be an obstacle. The family room is probably already decorated and furnished and it may also already contain a sizeable television. All we have to do now is add a good portion of that authentic ambience we associate with a visit to the local cinema. Below are a few easy and budget-friendly ideas to give your family room that special home theatre look. Continue reading →
  8. 4 Tips For Best Speaker Placement

    4 Tips For Best Speaker Placement
    Finding the ideal position for your speakers can mean the difference between a mediocre and an excellent home theatre experience. And while there is a lot of highly technical data available to help you decide where to place each individual speaker, following these 4 easy tips will make sure your speaker placement gets off to a good start. Continue reading →

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