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  1. Celebrity Spook-Out

    Celebrity Spook-Out
      It's that time again. Trick or treat? And what better way to mark the gruesome (fun) occasion with a few tales from well-known personalities who all claim they've actually seen a real live ghost (pun intended). So sit back and read about things that went bump in the night and scared the heebie-jeebies out of some of our best loved celebrities. Continue reading →
  2. Best British Films of All Time

    Best British Films of All Time
    It's true that most of us love a full blown Hollywood blockbuster. But over the years, British film makers have had an undeniable impact on the global cinematic scene. Here, in no particular order, is a list of the greatest British films ever made. Many of you will know most of them. But some of you, especially younger film buffs, might have missed one or two. And even if you have seen all the films on the list, then each and every one is always well worth another viewing.           Continue reading →
  3. 6 Christmas Classics You Simply Have To Watch Again

    6 Christmas Classics You Simply Have To Watch Again
    Okay, so I heard you groan and I saw how you rolled your eyes. And I know its my fault--its not even Halloween and already I mentioned the C word. But like it or not, once the trick or treating fun has subsided it won't be long before we're all making plans for the biggest feast of the year. And this includes what we plan to watch on the TV. So to help your enthusiasm for the cold nights ahead here is a list of the best 6 films to get you into that yo-ho-ho mood.                                                             Continue reading →

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