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  1. Home Theatre Ideas For Small Rooms

    Home Theatre Ideas For Small Rooms
    For many of us A/V enthusiasts the fun part of planning our home theatre comes in the early stages when our dreams and ideas are big, our budgets still unspecified and our plans are grand. However, at some point reality does set in and we start to realise that not everyone can have a mini version of the local multi-plex inside their four walls. This is when the planning gets serious. But there's no need to lose heart. There's a lot we can do with today's modern equipment and with a little imagination and a load of sound advice from friends and experts, there's nothing standing in our way to getting maybe not the biggest home theatre in the land, but the best we could possibly build. Continue reading →
  2. The Best Box Sets of 2016

    The Best Box Sets of 2016
    So far, this year has brought fans of box sets a whole plethora of excellent TV viewing. With both new productions and further episodes of our favourite shows there's still no end in sight to the range of first rate entertainment on our screens. And just in case you missed any of these little gems, here's a quick list of the top box sets for 2016. Viewing pleasure guaranteed! Continue reading →
  3. A Beginners Guide To Virtual Reality

    A Beginners Guide To Virtual Reality
    Two years after the Oculus Rift first arrived on the shelves of our local computer shops and with some serious consumer-grade VR devices due in around Christmas, it's time to start thinking of Virtual Reality as 'here and now' rather than 'on its way.' And with that in mind we thought now would be a good time to take a look at the basics of Virtual Reality—what it is—what we can do with it and what actually is the difference between Virtual and Augmented Reality anyway? Plus we'll talk about which kind of PC we'll need to indulge in the VR environment and perhaps more poignantly, if we need a PC at all? Finally, we'll have a sneak peek at what the whole charabanc could be costing us—but with so many factors still unknown, no prices are as yet set in stone. Continue reading →

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