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  1. TV vs. Projector. Which is Best for You?

    TV vs. Projector. Which is Best for You?
    Deciding on whether to install a projector or a TV in their home cinema is a question most audio/video enthusiasts have asked themselves at one time or another. Buying a high quality, large screen TV would seem to be the easiest option of the two, but that's not necessarily true. In this article, we'll be looking at why you might want to consider a projector over a TV, but before we start, it is important to remember that projectors and TV's serve different purposes and that there are pros and cons to both. Continue reading →
  2. 10 Greatest Directors of Modern Cinema

    10 Greatest Directors of Modern Cinema
        Movie directors are arguably the most crucial members of the film-making team. They are the ones who visualised the whole project and they are the ones who captured it on camera. Today we are looking at the greatest 10 modern film directors. Directors who are are behind some of the best films ever made. We've restricted our list to directors who have found mega critical acclaim and commercial success in the 1990's and beyond, though their success doesn't have to be limited to this period. We've based our choices on a mixture of the director's popularity and talent, but to avoid any arguments among ardent film fans, the list is not in any particular order. All good? Then let's get started. Continue reading →
  3. Why the Next Hollywood Crash is Unavoidable

    Why the Next Hollywood Crash is Unavoidable
        Most people, even people who don't follow movies that closely, have noticed some kind of shift in the film industry lately. But most people can't describe what it is. Some will say there is an over abundance of blockbusters, but such films have been making Hollywood large chunks of money over the last few decades. The problem is actually a bit more subtle to the casual movie goer, but pretty staggering to those involved in the film industry. Continue reading →
  4. 10 Best British Actresses

    10 Best British Actresses
      Here in the UK, we might have only one Queen to rule the country, but we have plenty more to rule the silver screen. Which is why we've put together our Top 10 list of the UK's best actresses. The list is not restricted to a specific era, which means that pretty much every great British female actor who has gained critical acclaim and international popularity was eligible for a place. Oh and, to avoid arguments, it's in no particular order. Continue reading →

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