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  1. Why Some Acting Roles Should Come with a Health Warning

    Why Some Acting Roles Should Come with a Health Warning
    It's easy to look at the celebrity lifestyles, the red carpets and the awards, not to mention the million pound paychecks, and believe that acting has to be one of the cushiest jobs going—once you've become a star. After all, there are enough special effects teams and stunt doubles at the ready to keep you safe, right? And if truth be told, the director and the audience are only asking you to 'pretend' for a couple of weeks. So, what could be easier? Continue reading →
  2. Famous Film Quotes We Always Get Wrong

    Famous Film Quotes We Always Get Wrong
    We all have our favourite film quotes. But did you realise that most of us get them wrong? Take 'Jaws' for example. Roy Scheider's line when he first sees the monster shark is constantly being misquoted as:   “We're going to need a bigger boat.” Continue reading →
  3. 10 of the Best Horror Films Ever Made

    10 of the Best Horror Films Ever Made
    A lot of film fans like nothing more than paying good money to be scared out of their seats, and with its almost endless amount of subgenres, horror films are probably the ones that use an audience's potential for imagination most effectively. With slashers, zombies, aliens, ghosts, vampires, evil robots, an endless cadre of psychopathic killers and just about anything else that can go bump in the night, horror movies have found their place in many a cinema-goers top ten list of all-time favourite films. Today we're going to have a look at some of the best scary movies ever made, from way back in the 1920's right up to the 2000's. So, hit the lights, cuddle up and prepared to be scared! Continue reading →
  4. Top 10 Most Underrated Films of the 2000's

    Top 10 Most Underrated Films of the 2000's
    The 2000's saw the release of some fantastic films. These are the ones that no one bothered to watch. Today we're looking at films released between 2000 and 2009 that for some obscure reason have been overlooked or forgotten over the years and have all suffered from a modest box office performance or general lack of acknowledgement, despite their (with hindsight) obvious cinematic value. Films that are generally known by the public or have received good professional reviews are not included, such as 'The Prestige' (2006) and 'American Psycho'  (2000) etc. Continue reading →
  5. Top 7 Historically Inaccurate Films

    Top 7 Historically Inaccurate Films
    Whenever you see the tagline, 'based on a true story', you'd be well advised to take it with a grain of salt, and to prove it, here is our list of the top seven historically inaccurate movies. We're looking at films that are supposedly based on true stories but which have taken extreme liberties with history to create films that border on fiction. We've not chosen any specific time period, (we consider anything in the past to be historic) and we've excluded those films that purposely alter history, such as “Inglorious Basterds” (2009). We've also left out myth-based films like “Troy” (2004), as there is no way of knowing if they are actually historic. Continue reading →
  6. How Film Music Works

    How Film Music Works
    Film brought forth an art form centred around seeing motion on a screen. But film is far more than only visual. Music plays a huge role in the heightened realism at the heart of a scene. Different film scores can completely alter the mood of a scene and filmmaker carefully pick their soundtracks or film scores to convey certain emotions or ideas. But how does it work? Today we're looking at the psychology of music and how our brains respond to different auditory stimulation in films. Continue reading →

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