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  1. 8 Most Influential Albums in Rock History

    8 Most Influential Albums in Rock History
    Music can be nice, like a catchy tune we sing under the shower. Or a favourite melody we learn to play on our first guitar. But it can be much more than that. Sometimes, music makes us question the way we see, feel and think about the world. And really good music changes everything. Here is a list of the Most Influential Albums in Rock History. It includes works made by some of the most innovative musicians ever to walk this planet, and who created something so utterly timeless, they forever changed the way music sounds.  Remember, we're focussing specifically on innovative albums, so you won't find artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry or Buddy Holly, as they were more famous for their singles rather than their albums. Continue reading →
  2. Contemporary Films Destined to Become Classics

    Contemporary Films Destined to Become Classics
    Some films have the potential to be timeless. Here's a list of films that are destined to become classics in the future.    The list comprises modern movies that promise to stand the test of time and will remain just as revered in the future as they are today. The entries have to be fairly new, so we've only included films that were released in the 2010's and we've based our choices on the film's critical reception and how well we believe they will age. So, in no particular order, let's go: Continue reading →

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