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  • The Beatles, the Stones and the Birth of British Rock n' Roll

    England in the mid-1950's. The nation had emerged from the shadow of World War II, only to be faced with a new threat; American rock and roll. Post-war prosperity had provided British with a new sense of freedom, and a considerable passion for all things American. So, when this raucous, rebellious new music finally crossed the Atlantic, the reception it received made even the recent coronation of Queen Elizabeth II seem dull by comparison. This was not just music. It was the battle cry of a new generation.

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  • The Secrets of a Great Pop Song

    A great pop song tells a human story. It connects with universal values; values that people can understand and empathise with. It demands our attention and sticks in the memory. A pop song can make us want to sing and dance or transport us to another time and place.  But what does it take to create a hit song? And why is it that pop music can be as rich, as powerful and as affecting as any classical symphony?

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