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  1. Seeing by Wireless. The Life of John Logie Baird

    Seeing by Wireless. The Life of John Logie Baird
    John Logie Baird gave the world its first real television pictures. And when he was born in a small town on the Firth of Clyde at a time when science and technology were in their infancy, who could have foretold what his future was to be? The son of a Church of Scotland Minister, Baird was born in the year 1888, the youngest of four children. The family lived in a medium sized stone-built house in Helensborough, and in a household dominated by the church, Baird's scientific aspirations often caused lively debate. Continue reading →
  2. 8 of the Worst Films Ever Made

    8 of the Worst Films Ever Made
    It may seem strange, but there are film fans who have a kind of soft spot for really bad films. And we mean, REALLY BAD. We've all groaned at movies that have laid on the drama too thick, have pretended to be something they're not or have tried so hard to be taken seriously they wind up being unintentionally funny. Here's our list of what we think are the 8 worst films ever made, and in our honest opinion, these howlers have no redeeming qualities at all. So, brace yourselves. This isn't going to be pretty. Continue reading →

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