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  • Dedicated TV Headphone or Bluetooth. Which is Better?

    Do you remember the days

    when people thought Bluetooth was something you got when you failed to go for regular dental check-ups? Well, maybe not. But it does show that tech developers sometimes can have a weird sense of humour. Bluetooth is actually named after Harald Bluetooth, the King who united Denmark back in the 10th century.

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  • All You Need to Know About Connecting Home Theatre Audio

    You've probably noticed that TV's have become thinner over the past few years. But the sound that comes from their speakers has actually gotten worse. This has lead to more and more people going out to buy a sound bar or a home theatre receiver and speakers for better sound.

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  • Why Music Moves Us

    Ask a scientist what music is and they'll tell you that music is sound and that technically speaking,  sound is just waves of pressure being transmitted through air, water, or some kind of solid material. And that basically, music is just more of those same vibrations but arranged in very specific patterns. The sound of an electric drill, a barking dog, and an orchestra are all really just vibrations. But you've probably never been overcome by emotion when listening to an electric drill. So, why does music make us experience so many emotions?

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