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  1. Half a Dozen Hitchcock

    Half a Dozen Hitchcock
    Alfred Hitchcock was one of the first film directors to become universally recognised. Before Hitchcock, most cinema audiences didn't talk about directors as much as they did about actors, probably because it was the actors who the audience really wanted to see. But that changed when Hitchcock began to appear in the trailers of his movies. The director would actually speak directly to the audience, and he often played cameos in his films. Plus, he self-hosted his long-running TV show, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Continue reading →
  2. 7 Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Records Sounding Great

    7 Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Records Sounding Great
    Vinyl records are cool again. But just because you've dragged your parent's old turntable up from the cellar or down from the attic, it doesn't mean that you're getting very good sound. Older folk who grew up with records may remember them as the awful sounding poppy, static-laden experience that they gladly ditched when the CD came along. Now, whoever you are and whatever your age, you can get really good sound from your vinyl, without clicks, pops or hissing, and at a relatively inexpensive price, just by sticking to these 7 common practices of cleaning, caring for and of course, playing your records. Continue reading →

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