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  1. DVD and CD Storage Options

    DVD and CD Storage Options
    Despite Internet streaming being hugely popular today, many of us still like to keep large collections of DVDs. Perhaps they are your favourite films or a selection of animated movies for your kids to watch on rainy days. They do take up a lot of space, however, and it’s easy for them to become untidy and spoil your décor. We’ve put together a collection of storage ideas for your DVDs and CDs. Continue reading →
  2. Bluetooth Headsets- The Basics

    Bluetooth Headsets- The Basics
      You’ve decided to trade in your old standard wired headphones for a pair of wireless Bluetooth ones. It helps to know from the beginning that there are no “best headsets”. You need to work out what’s best for your needs. We’ll fill you in with what to look out for and how they work. Continue reading →

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