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  1. Pros and Cons of a TV in the Bedroom

    Pros and Cons of a TV in the Bedroom
    A lot of people are against having a television in the bedroom, and there are many reasons why. But there are those who genuinely enjoy viewing their favourite shows while they are snugly tucked up in bed. Their reasons are just as valid, so we'd thought it's time we explored both sides of the argument. Continue reading →
  2. How to Manage Your Home Theatre Cables

    How to Manage Your Home Theatre Cables
      If you've ever experienced the 'cable spaghetti' lurking at the back of your home theatre system, then you'll know why managing your cables is so important. Keeping your cables neat ensures your equipment works efficiently and free of annoying electrical interference. Organising your cables makes it easier when you need to carry out repairs or add extra equipment. Also, tangled cables are a definite fire hazard, as they can overheat and short out. Besides all that, well-organised cables simply look better. Here's how to get your cable spaghetti untangled with little cost and effort. Continue reading →
  3. Understanding Bluetooth Speakers

    Understanding Bluetooth Speakers
    Bluetooth speakers are readily available nowadays, and they are becoming more and more affordable too. But it can be difficult to distinguish one make or model from another. Which is better? Our guide will narrow things down for you a little, and hopefully provide enough information for you to make an informed buying choice when you purchase your next Bluetooth speakers. let's start with the basics: Continue reading →
  4. How to Choose a New TV

    How to Choose a New TV
    It may be early 2019, but choosing a new television is the same as it’s always been- a little overwhelming. There are often huge price variations for televisions of the same size. Sales staff have a habit of using complex-sounding terms and phrases. It can also be easy for you to be left feeling unsure whether the extra features are really worth the cost. Also, some manufacturers can be prone to making exaggerated claims regarding picture quality, simply to entice you to spend more. Continue reading →

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