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  1. The Story of Punk Rock

    The Story of Punk Rock
    Rock music has been feared ever since it's origins. From Elvis referencing the Devil in his songs, to ACDC singing about Hell. Whether it's been devout religious groups or simply concerned parents, people have always been concerned about the music their children listen to. But no other genre has created so much fear, so much danger, and so much excitement as punk rock. Continue reading →
  2. Audio Visual Trends 2019. A Review

    Audio Visual Trends 2019. A Review
    The audio-visual industry is changing rapidly. 2019 has seen some enormous leaps forward in how we view our content. In 2019, industry leaders launched a whole bunch of exciting inventions that look set to replace some of the current technologies. And seeing as 2019 has now drawn to a close, we thought now would we a good time to review what has been going on in the world of AV over the past 12 months. Continue reading →

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