4 Tips For Best Speaker Placement

Finding the ideal position for your speakers can mean the difference between a mediocre and an excellent home theatre experience. And while there is a lot of highly technical data available to help you decide where to place each individual speaker, following these 4 easy tips will make sure your speaker placement gets off to a good start.


1. Stay away from corners


Many less experienced home cinema enthusiasts start off placing their speakers in the corners of the room.  This is never a good idea. A corner is where walls, floors and ceilings meet. This architectural combination can do weird things to the sound waves emanating from your speakers, and especially the bass can sound too 'dirty' or 'boomy'.


2. Stay away from walls


Similar to the above point, placing speakers too close to walls can also affect the sound. The large surfaces can reflect sound waves and cause a delay in the audio reaching your listening position--this will reduce the clear quality of the sound and also have and could even compromise the stereo effect. As a rule of thumb, the larger the speaker the further away from the wall it should be.


Of course, some speakers are designed specifically to be mounted on walls, in which case the close proximity of the hard, flat surface may actually benefit the sound. Always check the manufacturers specs if you're in any doubt about whether your speakers belong against the wall or not.


3. Keep a clear line of sound


Try and keep the space between the speakers and your listening position free of obstructions. Heavy furniture, curtains and blinds, sometimes even the TV itself can get in the way of a clear and direct audio experience by causing sound waves to ricochet around the room instead of coming directly and smoothly to your ear.


4. Carry out a listening test


Make yourself comfortable in your chosen listening position and play a constant sound, (this can be anything you know well, like a favourite piece of music) and then get a friend or partner to move the speakers inch by inch between listening. pay attention to how even the smallest adjustments can affect the sound. Carry on until your satisfied you have the perfect speaker placement for your listening pleasure.




These are just a few basic tips to help you make some initial decisions about the best placement for your speakers. As we mentioned, there is a lot more information available and doing the research before you spend your hard earned cash on your dream speakers will always pay off in the end. Also remember that each room is different and speakers and surround sound systems each have their own technical and physical properties.


Finally, there probably is no such thing as the 'perfect placement' and depending on our circumstances and budget, most of us will have to make some kind of compromise somewhere along the line. The trick is to get the best out of what we have...




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