5 Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a TV Stand

1. Will my TV fit the stand? With tabletop TV stands you just need to check the maximum weight capacity and measure your room, cantilever TV stands are a bit trickier as you have to ensure the TV will fit the bracket, check the VESA size of your Plasma or LCD, the VESA size is the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the TV, there will be four screw holes arranged in a square shape these will be either 100mm, 200mm or 400mm apart, VESA 100, VESA 200 and VESA 400 respectively, ensure the cantilever TV stand bracket is compatible with the VESA size of the television.

2. Will I fit all of my equipment on or in the TV stand? If you have various bits of AV equipment ensure you have sufficient shelves and sufficient shelf space to accommodate each item. Don't forget to check the depth and look out for supports and cable ties which may eat into the usable shelf space. Also consider the maximum weight capacity of the inner shelves may not be as high as the top shelf, many glass TV stands have a thicker top glass shelf.

3. Will I be able to conceal wires? Most modern TV stands have some sort of integrated cable management but it is important to ensure the cable management is sufficient, the skinny offerings on some Plasma stands and TV cabinets will not be sufficient for all of the wiring required for a surround sound home cinema system. Some TV cabinets even have incorporated power blocks reducing the amount of wires running from the TV unit to the power socket on the wall. Clear glass TV stands can make hiding wires particularly difficult.

4. Is it safe for my environment? Everybody's living environment is different if you have boisterous children or excitable pets you probably require something sturdy or s a taller stand to keep the TV out of reach. Most TV stands feature tempered safety glass but there are a few renegade manufacturers who have products which have not been tested to UK or EU standards.

5. Choosing the right colour? Currently black glass TV stands are very popular, black glass is great for concealing cables but does have a tendency to show dust very quickly. Also consider the colour of the supports do you want a matt or gloss finish? Silver, stainless steel or chrome? Spectral manufacture numerous TV stands which can be specially ordered in any of the colours of the NCS spectrum.

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