The birth of any baby brings with it a lot of emotions; from tears of joy, to laughter and gratitude. The arrival of a new-born is a celebrated occasion in every family. But when a royal child is born, that occasion becomes a worldwide event. Recently, Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed the latest addition to their family; a strapping baby boy at 8.7 lbs.

Babies are naturally curious little beings. Soon enough the young prince will start asking those same, sometimes hard to answer questions that everyone gets to ask sooner or later, such as why is the sky blue, where does Father Christmas go in the Summer, and where do babies come from? But one questions that he will want to be answered might just be which was the number one song at the time of his birth? Well, we have the answer: Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa's One Kiss. But what about his relatives? Here are the number one birthday hits of five more famous royal babies.


1. Kate Middleton

Don’t You Want Me?

The Human League (9th January 1982)

Spent five weeks at number 1.

This song by The Human League is considered by fans to be one of the band's very best. Don't you want me? was the only track of theirs that ever became number one, but it wasn’t the only song to reach the top 10 chart in that year; it was actually their fourth. Everything about this song fitted perfectly together, from the video to the audio. It was classy, just as Kate grew up to be. It is no wonder that the song, though now over three decades old, is still a favourite in karaoke clubs all around the world. The Human League was a massive favourite in the 80s and early 90s. They ended up having 13 more songs in the top 40, with their last smash hit being Stay With Me Tonight in 1996. On the Christmas of ’81, Don’t You Want Me held the number one position with its remixed version in October 1995, climbing all the way up to number 16.


2. Prince William

I’ve Never Been To Me

Charlene (21st June 1982)

Only managed one week at the top.

This romantic earworm was a song that claimed too much travel puts us at risk of never being in one place long enough to meet our soul mates. This wisdom, however, didn't seem to have much impact on Prince William. He's travelled far and wide and still ended up meeting his “one”. Way to go Prince William!Sadly that was the only hit from Charlene. Usually songs become hits when they are released but that wasn’t the case for I’ve Never Been To Me as the song originally came out in 1977. It was only in 1982 that the tune was rediscovered by Dj Tampa, and became an instant hit all around the globe.


3. Prince George

Wake Me Up

Avicii (22nd July 2013)

Stayed at number 1 for three weeks.

Avicii topped the charts with this hit which was just one of many to follow. The song would later become a worldwide anthem and is one of the songs that Avicii was most known for. Unfortunately, the young talent passed away just recently, on the 20th of April 2018. His tragic death put a halt to a rising career as one of the best DJs and producers in the world. Being the musical genius that he was, Avicii had 12 more tracks in the top 40, with nine hitting the top 10. The song Wake Me Up was the best and fastest selling song in 2013. It has since then been named as one of the top sellers in the world with over 1.5million copies, digital and physical, going over the counter.


4. Prince Harry

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Stevie Wonder (15th Sept 1984)

Topped the UK chart for six weeks.

Stevie wonder can easily be described as a musical genius with a successful career of almost 50 years. He's had hit upon hit upon even more hits, but this one song would rise above the rest to grant him that top position. It also rose to be named among the all-time top 20 sellers in Great Britain. The song was released at an interesting time before mobile phones became what they are now and taught many that a simple phone call could mean so much. Stevie managed to get eight more tracks in the UK's top chart. Most of these were not solo performances, however, but as duets with other artists. Stevie featured in the number one song with Paul McCartney, Ebony and Ivory. The track is still much-loved by fans of both the iconic singers, and still receives constant airtime due to the meaningful message within the song, and how catchy it is. And yeah, royal babies do love a catchy song.


5. Zara Phillips

Stand and Deliver

Adam and the Ants (15th May 1981)

Five weeks at the top

Stand and Deliver was the first record release by Adam and his 'ant people' to have hit the number one position. He would then achieve two more number one songs in that same year. He and his band were promptly acknowledged as the geniuses who brought a much-needed twist to the new romantic music scene. And they seemed to have a lot of fun doing it. Adam and the Ants managed to get ten more tracks into the top 40. Adam scored another chart-topping hit with Prince Charming. Later, he decided to try it solo, which didn’t work out too poorly for him as he achieved another first position with Goody Two Shoes in 1982.


6. Peter Phillips

The Name of the Game

Abba (15th November 1977)

Stayed at the top for four weeks

Being the first grandchild of the queen is not a small thing which is probably why Peter was born just as a huge song by Abba topped the charts. Of course, Abba is well known all around the globe, unlike the reserved Peter, who decided to go the other way and live a quiet life with his wife and daughters.