For film fans, 2017 was a year of triumphs, disappointments and mediocre sequels. Which when you think about it, generally sums up most years on the big screen. But with this year already beginning to turn cold, it's high time to start looking forward to next years big Hollywood blockbusters. Here are the eight most anticipated films for 2018.


#8 Ready Player One

Picture a dark future, virtual reality and a scavenger hunt that would even make Indy jealous. And all of this directed by Steven Spielberg. This is exactly what Ready Player One, the adaptation of Ernest Clines debutorial novel, is. In the film, the creator of the virtual reality, 'Oasis' invites gamers to a scavenger hunt to solve three riddles and become rich and famous. The book is packed full of pop culture and 80's references. Whether songs, movies, video games or old cartoons,  everything is covered. A concept with which Steven Spielberg should feel right at home. RPO is where 'The Goonies' meets  'Indiana Jones', 'Tron' and 'War Games'. We should all be excited about the return of Hollywood's masterful director.


#7 Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, the tough adventurer, is set to return to the big screen. This time, however, Lara will not be portrayed by Angelina Jolie, but by Alicia Vikander, the star from 'Ex Machina.' The film promises to show a young Lara who, just like in the game reboot, has first to learn how to become a fierce hero. We expect action, adventure, a stunning Lara Croft and maybe, just maybe, a great video game adaptation.


#6 The Predator

While the xenomorph has been causing havoc this year in 'Alien Covenant,' we are already anticipating the arrival of another iconic alien killer, The Predator. The new movie is directed by Shane Black, who played Hawkins in the first film, and also helped out writing the oneliners. Starring Boyd Holbrook, who many viewers will recognise as the villain from 'Logan,' and other cast additions that include Olivia Munn, who portrays a scientist, and Jacob Trembley, who many will remember from 'Room.' The little boy will apparently play a crucial role in the battle against the extraterrestrial hunter.


#5 Jurassic World 2

Steven Spielberg made cinematic history when in 1993 he adapted Michael Crichton's novel and made a film about live dinosaurs in a theme park. The sequel was finally released in 2015, and the sequel to that film is set to hit cinemas next summer. As of right now, nothing much has been revealed about the plot, but it has been confirmed that Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt will pick up their persepective roles. Let the dinosaur fun begin!


#4 Black Panther

Besides the already established Marvel heroes, we're looking forward to King T'Challa himself. Black Panther was an absolute hit in 'Civil War' and will finally star in his own film, which, for the most part, is said to take place in Wakanda. The plot sees the authority of the king undermined by the sinister Erick Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, which should lead to one heck of a fight. Other cast members include Lupita Nyong'o, Forest Whitaker, and Danai Gurira, star of 'The Walking Dead.'


#3 Deadpool 2

In 2015, 20th Century Fox surprised everyone with the weirdest superhero, like ever, Deadpool. The film was a runaway success, and leading man Ryan Reynolds got to star in a role he seemed born to play. We have the film's R-Rating to thank for the dark sense of humour, bloody action scenes and some really crude language. And the first teaser for Deadpool 2 promises to bring all of that again. We're also anticipating the introduction of Cable, played by Josh Brolin, and whose character is set to stir things up even more than in the first film.


#2 The Avengers: Infinity Wars

According to Marvel mastermind, Kevin Feige, Infinity Wars has been in the pipeline ever since the first Iron Man film. The prospect of the ultimate clash between all the MCU heroes and Thanos, the most badass of all villains, has been teasing us long enough, and it's high time we finally got to experience him in all his evil glory. The film promises to unite the Avengers with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman, a fact which in itself is a darn good excuse to get all excited. Fans in the know are assuming that this film will initiate the end of an era, as many of the actors will be leaving the franchise due to expired contracts. Therefore, it's possible that some of the film's main characters may not make it through to the end of the movie.


#1 Mission Impossible 6

Calling all spy fans. Ethan Hunt and his IMF agents are back! This will be the second Mission Impossible rodeo for Christopher McQuarrie, the director of 'Rogue Nation,' and the film brings back the majority of the familiar cast. Franchise veterans Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames will both again star, plus Simon Peggs is back as Benji, and Rebecca Ferguson and Alec Baldwin return as Ilsa and Alan. The newcomer to the franchise is Henry Cavil, aka 'Superman.' Fans are hoping that once again, the fill will be packed full of breathtaking stunts, spy gadgets, and a hefty dose of the usual MI humour. We're guessing that this is one mission we will all definitely accept.


So, that's our list of the 8 most anticipated films for 2018. Drop us a line and let us know if we've missed something, if you disagree with our choices or if you have some New Year must-see recommendations of your own. Thanks and Happy Viewing!