8 New US TV Shows Worth Binge-Watching in 2018

Okay, we're a few months into 2018 already so maybe it's time we owned up and put aside those hastily made New Year resolutions and went back to our favourite pastime ever--curling up on the couch to binge-watch our favourite TV shows. Which of course for most of us means waking up on that same couch at 3:00 am in a cold sweat and with our entertainment provider disdainfully glaring at us the one big question from the screen: "Do you wish to continue watching...?"

Well, heck yes! is our usual answer to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, BBC or whoever happens to be airing our fav shows at the time. And luckily for us hardened binge viewers, it looks like there is some truly great television heading our way this year, too. And just to prove the point, here's our list of the most anticipated TV shows coming to a flat screen near you in 2018.


1. Black Lightning

We all love a good redemption story, and Black Lightning seems to have arrived just at a time when the world feels like real, morally-driven heroes are in short supply. Chris Williams plays high School principal, Jefferson Pierce, who moonlights as a costumed crime fighter in his spare time. But much like trying to raise his school's standardised test scores, Pierce never seems quite able to walk away from his life as a Superhero. Needless to say that our reluctant crusader becomes embroiled in a fight against a violent street gang, and once again he must introduce the criminals to the true meaning of shock and awe, (pun intended.)


2. Corporate

After another hard day of slaving away over a hot workstation filing reports, answering meaningless emails and printing off reams of spreadsheets that no one will ever read, why not let off steam by watching this pitch-black comedy about the modern-day horrors of working for a mega-greedy corporation? A cross between Black Mirror and a clinically challenged version of Office Space, Corporate looks like a razor-sharp satire that is guaranteed to make you feel like you're not the only one caught up in today's truly terrifying existential free-for-all. We all are.


3. Electric Dreams

Thanks to Philip K Dicks most of us now know that androids generally dream of electric sheep. But these ten episodes of Dick's finest sci-fi take us to ten different worlds inspired by the master's sprawling futuristic imagination. Electric Dreams boasts an impressive cast, including Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Greg Kinnear, Anna Paquin, Richard Madden, and many, many more. Basically, the show sounds like the perfect pick-me-up after you've binged Black Mirror because it's difficult to imagine any science fiction anthology series being darker than that.


4. The Alienist

Remember the good old days when we all pretty much fell in love with 'True Detective'? Well, the reason for that was probably writer/director Cary Fukunaga, and with Alienist, Cary is back. Set in 1896 New York, the show is based on the book by Caleb Carr and follows the story of Teddy Roosevelt as newly appointed Police Commissioner, who together with the criminal psychologist, Dr Lazlo Kreizler, tries to find out who is responsible for murdering a plethora of adolescent male prostitutes all over NYC. The Alienist is one of those murder mysteries that will not only make you think, but it will also have you squirming in your seat, guaranteed.


5. Waco

If award shows have proven anything over the last couple of years, then it's that TV viewers love violent, complicated dramas about real-life, contemporary events. Waco is the latest show to continue this tradition. The show is a dramatisation about the 51-day stand-off between the FBI, the ATF and the profoundly religious sect known as the Branch Davidians, led by the ill-fated yet supremely charismatic David Koresh. With it's realistic and true-to-the-facts take on the tragedy, Waco looks like it could be one of the most unsettling shows of 2018.


6. Altered Carbon

Tired of being trapped inside the same old body? Well, in the universe of Altered carbon you can digitalise your mind and download it from body to body, thus freeing yourself from your weary and (probably) overweight shackles. And if you happen to be the wealthiest man in said universe, you can hire an ex-con elite special forces soldier to find out who murdered you. This Bladerunner-esque thriller is full of the cyber-funk craziness you can either love or hate, but you can never doubt the quality of the production. From script to acting, direction and special effects, this show has all the hallmarks of becoming a much-respected classic.


7. Counterpart

This sci-fi/cold war/spy thriller has JK Simmons in a double role about a man who discovers that behind all the bureaucratic BS at the agency he has worked for most of his life, they are in reality guarding a gateway to a parallel universe. Counterpart quickly develops into a twisting story of deceit, betrayal, conspiracy, and as you'd expect, multi-universal mayhem. And the only person JK can trust is his doppelganger in the parallel universe. 2x JK Simmons is your guarantee for 2x the fun, suspense, and more intense plot thrills than you could ever try to shake a stick at, (or two sticks, even.)


8. Castle Rock

We all love a good mystery. Castle Rock, set in the Stephen King multi-verse, is a psychological thriller that takes place in the fictitious town of the same name which fans will know has popped up again and again in many of King's stories. Castle Rock looks like it's going to be full of weird references and unexpected crossovers and the kind of heart-pumping thriller we all want an on-going suspense story to be. And at the hands of the Master of Horror, what could possibly go wrong?


Well, that's our top eight of the most anticipated TV shows for 2018. So far. Honourable mentions have to go to the Superman origin story, Krypton, and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, another feast of weird and wacky entertainment from the Cohen Brothers. Both look well worth the binge. Happy viewing!

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