Add PC Gaming to your Home Entertainment System

If you are looking for a way to add more versatility and fun to your home entertainment setup, then you may want to consider an HTPC system. These innovative consoles have taken the world of PC gaming to a whole new level and allow avid gamers to enjoy their favourite computer games on their big screen TV. 

Home theatre PCs have hit the market in a big way over the past several months. The industry started out with brands that were familiar to those already interested in gaming computers such as Alienware and NVidia. Today there are several options available from multiple high-tech brands for individuals who want to add something a little different to their family room or den.

Why Invest in an HTPC System?

These innovative systems are extremely impressive and loaded with features that any gamer is sure to love. Not only do they allow users to play their favourite online games using their TV, but they also provide access to an abundance of online features. Users can configure these high-end systems to access applications such as Skype or streaming services like Netflix. And since so many Xbox and PlayStation titles are also available in PC format, this type of console could help to eliminate clutter on your TV stand or cabinet by replacing several consoles and devices at once.

The latest versions of HTPC systems include Windows 8.1 operating systems and are designed to support Windows 10 which is slated to be released soon. Many consoles are also being manufactured to support the highly anticipated Steam OS system when it launches in the future.

 Omega Origin HTPC Systems Have a Lot to Offer Avid Gamers


The Omega Origin HTPC system is one of the latest consoles to hit the industry in recent months. This series includes five models that feature different cases and configurations to suit the needs of each individual gamer. The primary model features an H97 chipset mini-ITX motherboard and operates using an Intel Pentium 4.5GHz processor.

Features and specifications for this particular model include a 500GB hard drive and 8GB of RAM. While that may not be enough to impress many long-time PC gamers with their customized machines, these are the lowest specs for the Origin series of HTPC which are still more satisfying than the features currently offered by top-selling gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And with the option to add up to three Nvidia GeForce GTX setups, these machines are sure to provide the user with a smooth and impressive gaming experience.

These consoles are designed to offer consumers all the flexibility of a PC in the comfort of their living room. Along with the many gaming features, the developers hope to expand the use of these systems in the future, allowing owners to use them for a variety of their daily online needs. It is all about decreasing the amount of multiple devices in order to make accessing the movies, shows, games and online content that you love much easier than ever before.

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