Aquila Launch New TV Stands

Fashionable TV stand manufacturer Aquila are known for producing sleek and innovative TV stands, the Aquila AB-K111 was one of the first Cantilever TV stands to be launched on the market with fully adjustable shelving. The AB-K111 proved to be a very popular stand, the elegant design, strong structure and universal bracket which was capable of supporting LCD and Plasma TV's sized from 19" right up to 52". Now Aquila have launched the FAV-524R, similar to the AB-K111 in design this tall cantilever TV stand is ultra stylish with an ovular black glass base and chic oval glass shelves this really will make your TV look the business, best of all the Aquila FAV-524R is available for less than £250.

The FAV-S19B was another of Aquila's successful products, two new variants of this ever popular TV stand have now been released, the FAV-S19B/3 shares the same width and depth as the standard FAV-S19B but now includes a third glass shelf, so if you liked the idea of a swivel cantilever TV stand but felt all the two shelf stands on the market did not offer sufficient shelf space for all of your equipment, Aquila have launched the FAV-S19B/3 just for you. Another groundbreaking variant of the FAV-S19B has also been released with the addition of a new motorised version. Simply use the remote control to rotate your TV into the perfect position for the room. Aquila have also released some white TV stands.

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