Are Curved TVs the Look of the Future or Just a Fad?

Recently top-selling brands such as LG and Samsung have introduced Curved TVs to the industry. There are some consumers who are eager to try out this new, innovative viewing experience in their homes while others are sceptical about the claims associated with the new curved design. Curved TVs are supposed to provide the viewer with a consistent view across the entire screen for an optimized viewing experience. This new design is supposed to make the screen appear larger than it actually is, and help to improve viewing angles. The makers of curved TVs have also claimed that the design provides a better overall contrast and picture quality as it helps to minimize the effects of any ambient light in the room.

While these are all interesting points, there are many consumers who simply do not understand how a curved screen could possibly be better than their current flat screen TV. Many people may think that the curved design is a nice change and adds to their contemporary décor, however they don’t understand how the technology works and are unsure about investing in a (possible) high-tech fad.

Some consumers who have already purchased a curved TV like the new design and say that it is easy to get used to after a few days. However there are others who are annoyed by it and have a difficult time finding the best viewing spot in their living room. For that reason, the jury is still out on whether or not Curved TVs have staying power in the industry or if they will quickly go away when something newer and better comes along.

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The Pros and Cons of Curved TVs

Here are a few reasons why consumers should consider buying a new Curved TV, and a few reasons why they may want to stick to their standard flat screen.


  • By gently curving the edges of the screen, viewers can enjoy a wider field of view.
  • These TVs provide more sharpness at the edge of the images for a much clearer picture.
  • Enjoy a richer contrast performance with more overall depth.
  • The curved design adds more style to your current home entertainment setup with a focal point that is hard to ignore.


  • If you sit at the wrong angle, the picture could end up looking unnatural with obvious geometry issues.
  • Viewers usually have to sit closer to the screen in order to get the full “Curved TV” advantage.
  • Light from windows, lamps or bright furniture are easily reflected on the screen which can disrupt viewing.
  • You may need to invest in a new TV stand or cabinet since many owners feel that Curved TVs look awkward when wall-mounted.

Many of the benefits that come along with today’s curved TV models, such as 4K resolution and Nano crystal colour clarity, have definitely helped to increase the sales of these new TVs. Yet, it is possible to find the same technology on flat screen models as well. While the major brands still attempt to increase the sales of these modernized TVs, it all comes down to each consumer’s own individual preference.

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