Are The Prices of TVs, AV Receivers and TV Stands Going up or Down?

As the financial markets crashed chaos has broken out in the UK import/export market, the flat panel TV is a perfect example, before the Northern Rock disaster of 2008 LCD and Plasma TV's were gradually falling in price and they had been for quite some time. However the cost of an imported product is heavily dependent on the exchange rate of the pound against the US dollar which is still recognised as the global currency, as both the UK and the US markets crashed the exchange rate has shifted considerably, at the time of writing the pound seems to be gaining ground on the dollar and is at it's strongest levels since the beginning of the year, this means that imported products should be costing slightly less, if you thought that you would unfortunately be wrong.

Electrical giants are still significantly out of pocket due to low corporate TV sales, as businesses make do with old projectors, so costs have fallen but so has demand therefore manufacturers are trying to increase their profit margins. So what about Hi-Fi industry, a typically robust sector, Hi-Fi equipment is based on quality more than innovation therefore a Hi-Fi product has a longer lifespan than a home cinema product, however in these dark economic times consumers are opting to wait to purchase Hi-Fi equipment, we have seen Onkyo reduce the prices of it's amplifiers this year, the HiFi industry works on superior margins and now is perhaps the time when some of the profit margin will be sacrificed in an attempt to find increased demand. TV Furniture has been a bouyant industry during the 21st century, the introduction of flat panel TV's opened up an entire new market which has been entered by many manufacturers, we have seen the prices of budget TV stands fall and they can now be found at exceptionally low prices, however the mid and high end products have stood firm and we have seen some new entrants aiming at high end consumers enter the market, when buying a TV stand you can buy whatever you want, some retailers are selling basic stands at almost cost import price whereas the innovative products remain pricier as manufacturers hold out for high margins.

It looks like the best bargains may be in the HiFi sector this year, however one thing is sure the beginning of 2010 is certainly bleak for consumers and retailers alike as VAT is increased, our advice beat the taxman and order before January.

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