BDI Aspect 9760 Black and Silver

Big AV are proud to be BDI stockists, the BDI collection of TV stands offers unrivalled design and functionality. The BDI Aspect series is the entry level BDI cantilever TV stand. Don't be fooled by the word entry level as these BDI TV stands offer superb quality despite bearing a relatively low price tag. The BDI Aspect 9760 is an ultra sleek cantilever TV stand for televisions sized up to 32". The BDI Aspect 9760 is available in black and in silver to suit all types of modern LCD and Plasma TV's and fit into both traditional and contemporary decors.

Despite the ultra stylish aesthetics the BDI Aspect is more than just a pretty piece of TV furniture, the BDI Aspect 9760 is packed full of features which make it a sensible and functional home for your Plasma or LCD television. Firstly BDI have designed the Aspect with a glass shelf for additional equipment, unlike some products with inferior design the BDI Aspect 9760 has an integrated cable management system which allows wiring to be run through the spine of the stand and into the back of the TV remaining concelaed at all times. The universal multi fit bracket is suitable for the majority of flat panel TV's (within the size range) and as of yet we have not come across any compatibility issues. Finally the BDI Aspect features a swivel mechanism making it perfect for living areas with seats in multiple positions.

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