BDI Marina 8729 Gloss Black and White TV Cabinet

The BDI Marina is a high end Plasma and LCD television cabinet from the kings of luxury TV furniture in the US, BDI. BDI have been manufacturing high quality furniture for over 40 years and are famous for producing products which excel in practicality, aesthetics, design and engineering, the BDI Marina 8729 one of the class leading models of the BDI range.

The BDI Marina is finished in a slightly different choice of colours to traditional TV furniture, the gloss white finish is a superb addition to modern homes and is a beautiful product for modern open plan town houses and luxury apartments. The gloss black BDI Marina is suited to both contemporary and more traditional households and the gloss black TV cabinet is perfect for the latest gloss high definition TV's.

As with all BDI TV furniture the BDI Marina 8729 demonstrates engineering excellence with a strong chassis which resists vibrations which come from high performance Audio and Video equipment, this vastly improves playback quality when compared with a traditional glass Plasma or LCD TV stand.

Flexible storage compartments offer adequate storage for multiple pieces of AV equipment, the choice between a glass or fabric insert is available for a centre speaker or as another space for AV components. Big AV stock the BDI Marina, as always with Big AV we are open to offer technical and purchase advice regarding this product, delivery will be to our high standards and we will match any legitimate price on a BDI Marina 8729.

One thought on “BDI Marina 8729 Gloss Black and White TV Cabinet”

  • Makenzie

    This TV is simply wonderful. I can't imagine a better TV for the price. I replaced a CRT HDTV with this, and this TV beats it in every single way. Simply can't compare this to LCD's in the same price range. To get similar quality on an LCD you're going to spend almost twice as much.

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