We deal with hundreds of enquiries and posts on AV forums regarding TV and AV furniture every single day, we have found that not everybody needs the same thing, it is often the case we have a customer who loves a particular product but is unable to purchase what they really want because the equipment they own will simply not fit in. On the other hand sometimes our customers finally find a rack which will accommodate all of their equipment only for their other half to complain about the finish.

Thankfully, TV stand manufacturer  Optimum understand this, and they have created the Optimum modular range, comprising of a mix of AV stands, TV stands and Hi-Fi racks, the Optimum modular range features five different styles all of which can be customised.

Each of the products in the Optimum modular range of AV stands and racks can be modified in terms of the number of shelves, the colour and (in the case of some models) the glass thickness, the colour of the supporting legs and perhaps the most useful option is a choice of eleven different rod heights, this ensures that no matter how tall your AV amplifier is you will be able to fit it into an Optimum modular AV stand.