Budget LCD TV Cabinet - Alphason AVC36 down to just £39.99 with Free Delivery

The Alphason AVC36 is a budget TV cabinet for Plasma and LCD screens sized between 19" and 37". The cabinet has a silver finish with an internal glass shelf for audio and video equipment. As with all Alphason products build quality is above average and considering the price the Alphason AVC36-s is simply fantastic value. This cabinet would normally retail at around £99.99 but Alphason and Big AV have come together to bring you this simply sensational offer.

Other features of the Alphason AVC36-s include a cable management system, the rear panel of the cabinet has carefully positioned holes enabling cables to be run from the back of a DVD, VCR or games console and into the back of the television remaining out of sight the whole time. The glass cabinet doors allow remote controls for equipment to function and also protect delicate audio and video equipment from harmful dust. Additionally the cabinet doors keep curious pets or children from gaining access. The TV cabinet structure is extremely stable and the safety offered from a cabinet like this is superior to a glass stand mounted on four legs, a cabinet is much more balanced, has a lower centre of gravity and is less likely to tip if there is an impact on the side. So, there it is a product with all these features for just £39.99 including free UK delivery!

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