Buying a New TV on a Budget

It used to be that buying a new TV was one of the most expensive purchases that you would make for your home. These days, TVs come in a range of sizes and styles which can alter the price. And with so many new features being added to newer models, you can find quality high-tech televisions from name brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG that are reasonably priced for any size budget.

Buying an Affordable Smart TV

If you are ready to upgrade to a brand new Smart TV, there are several options available that will allow you to do so without handing over your entire savings. Older Smart TV models that have been around for several years will allow you to access streaming content on apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. This can provide you and your family with hours of brand new entertainment and all you need is a home Wi-Fi connection.

If buying a Smart TV seems out of your price range, think again. While it is true that the latest models can cost thousands of dollars, a simple Smart TV that allows you to access a variety of apps is actually quite affordable. A 50” Samsung J6200 Full HD Smart TV that includes the latest software upgrade ranges in price from £ 579.00 to £ 779.00. While the J62500 does not include all the latest features such as a curved screen design, 4K resolution and voice commands, it is still an excellent choice for TV viewers who are new to the Smart TV concept.

Get the Best Resolution for Less

One of the most popular trends for televisions released in 2015 was the new advanced 4K screen resolution. This upgrade provides viewers with a true to life image quality that is clearer and more vivid than ever before. While this may seem like a feature that is only available on the higher-priced TV models, that is actually not the case. It is possible to find a TV with this type of resolution at an affordable price. The Sony X83C series offers a wide assortment of features including access to the PlayStation Now network and a Twin Tuner. This Smart TV includes 4K Ultra HD resolution and is available for around £500.

The good news about the recent release of 4K TVs is that the price of Full HD TVs with 1080p resolution has dropped significantly. Buyers who are not interested in having the latest and greatest features on their TV but still want to upgrade to a larger screen or one with Smart TV features can now do so while enjoying a Full HD resolution for less.

As technology becomes more advanced for home entertainment, we can expect larger and more extravagant televisions to be introduced to the industry. And while consumers on a tight budget may have to wait a while to take part in some of the latest features, they can enjoy the price drops and clearance sales on high-quality televisions that are suddenly considered to be “outdated” by others.

Of course when you have found a great deal on a budget TV that will mean you have more money left for a stunning TV stand!

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