Buying the Right Cantilever TV Stand

Cantilever TV stands provide the perfect solution for people who enjoy the look of a wall mounted television screen but do not want or need the hassle of wall mounting. Wall mounting can be more complicated than it sounds not only do you have to drill into the wall, providing your wall is strong enough but you need to run all the cabling, to do this without creating an eyesore requires the cabling to be run behind the wall, if you do this wall mounted TV's look great, but then you decide to buy a Blu Ray player and you need to run another cable to the TV....

Cantilever TV stands cut out this headache by offering a much more flexible solution to the problem. A cantilever TV stand is a raised home for your Plasma or LCD TV, much like a wall mount solution, however the flexibility of a free standing unit makes life alot easier if you ever need to change equipment or add cabling. When buying a mountable TV stand you should always check the supplied mounting bracket to ensure it is compatible with your TV, measure the mounting holes on the back of your TV set and ensure that the bracket is large enough, if you have a TV 32" or smaller it is important to check that the bracket itself is not larger than the TV, there are many cantilever stands specifically designed for smaller televisions so why should you buy one where the bracket protrudes from wither side of the screen. Follow this simple advice and you should be fine.

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