Cantilever TV Stands

Cantilever TV stands are a modern alternative to wall mounting a Plasma, LCD or LED TV. The concept of a cantilever TV stand is to fix the TV to a bracket built into the TV stand itself, the TV can therefore be completely free standing and still look ultra smart with a floating design.

There is a cantilever TV stand for every type and size of TV in the market, most cantilever TV stands feature a universal bracket which will fit the vast majority of Plasma and LCD TV's. If you have any doubts over compatibility of your TV stand with a particular cantilever TV stand give the experts at a call and they can provide friendly advice and recommend the product which is right for you.

Cantilever TV stands are available in many different sizes and styles from a wide range of brands. You can now purchase tall exhibition style cantilever TV stands, glass cantilever TV stands and wooden cantilever TV stands. The other latest trend in the world of television furniture is enclosed TV cabinets and some leading manufacturers have already released stylish furniture which blends these two designs together, these products provide the style of a wall mounted television or a cantilever TV stand with the safety provided by a cabinet enclosure, equipment remains concealed and protected from messy fingers, paws and dust.

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