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  • Boost Your AV Setup With On Demand Music Streaming

    So you have got to the point where you have your perfect AV system high end speakers system connected to one of the latest TV models which sat atop a stunning modern TV cabinet there is only one thing you are missing and that is the content to play on it.  In our last article we looked at the smart set top boxes you could use to get the content onto your TV but we mainly focussed on the video content that these boxes could receive,  this week we are looking at the audio content and in particular music streaming services. Continue reading

  • The Cheap way to Make any TV a Smart TV

    Smart TV’s can bring a number of benefits to your home AV setup from a multitude of on demand media content to apps and internet browsing capabilities all accessed directly through your TV set. If you have yet to jump on the smart TV bandwagon but are still considering whether replacing your TV for a brand new all singing all dancing model would be the best idea then give our guide a read first!  Continue reading

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