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  • Popular TV Stands, The TV Stands, TV Cabinets & TV Units Flying Out of Our Warehouse into UK Homes

    We sell a truly huge range of TV furniture, but some TV stands are more popular than others, here is a run down of our customers favourites.

    Aquila CRV1100:

    A budget cantilever TV stand, a new addition to the Big AV website. The Aquila CRV1100 TV stand is made from a combination of glass and metal, the cantilever TV mount enables a TV to be suspended in the air above the stand, this creates a look similar to that of a wall mounted TV, but removes the hassle and allows your TV to be repositioned in the room easily.

    Aquila CRV-1100 TV Stand £79.99

    Aquila CRV-1100 TV Stand £79.99

    At only £79.99 including VAT and next day delivery its no real surpise this TV stand is flying out of our warehouse.

    Gecko Reflect REF1100-GW:

    The Gecko Reflect REF1100-GW is a high specification TV cabinet from the Gecko furniture range. The gloss white TV cabinet has proved to be very popular, the quality gloss white finish combined with the toughened, piano black glass top gives the TV cabinet a fresh contemporary look.

    Gecko Reflect REF1100-GW TV Cabinet £249.99

    Gecko Reflect REF1100-GW TV Cabinet £249.99

    The Gecko Reflect REF1100-GW is compatible with the Gecko Multi-Fit mounting bracket which is also available in white. Numerous manufacturers now produce white LCD TV's and white Plasma TV's and the Gecko Reflect is the perfect match.

    Alphason ARC800/3 TV Stand:

    Alphason TV stands have always been popular here, and the Alphason ARC800/3 and it's bigger brother the ARC980/3 are currently the most popular TV units from the Alphason TV furniture range.

    Alphason ARC800/3 TV Stand £99.00

    Alphason ARC800/3 TV Stand £99.00

    The Alphason is a true bargain at just £99.00.

    Aquila TVW-1200:

    The Aquila TVW is a wooden TV stand which can support larger screens of up to 55" in size. The TV stand features tempered glass shelving and real walnut wood veneer sides, surprising for a TV stand at this price point.

    Aquila TVW-1200 Wood TV Stand £149.99

    Aquila TVW-1200 Wood TV Stand £149.99

    The Aquila TV unit impresses even more when you reach the checkout with a price of just £149.99.

    Gecko Impro IMP900-WNT

    The Gecko Impro has always been popular but we have noticed a surge of late. With a corner friendly design, a quality walnut finish and the stylish looks associated with Gecko TV stands, the IMP900-WNT has made it's way into the living rooms of many UK customers.

    Gecko Impro IMP900-WNT Corner TV Stand

    Gecko Impro IMP900-WNT Corner TV Stand

    If you have a specific question please contact us via telephone or email or start or join a thread on AV forums.

  • The Differences Between TV Stands, TV Cabinets, TV Furniture and Cantilever TV Stands

    The TV furniture market is buoyant and ever expanding as more people come to realise a TV stand is not just a functional necessity but it can also be a stylish piece of furniture in it's own right. In the UK alone there are over 30 quality manufacturers producing quality AV furniture for all tastes and budgets.

    Glass TV stands are the norm, these have been manufactured since the emergence of flat panel televisions, the most popular manufacturers of glass TV stands include Optimum international, Stilexo and Portability. Available in clear glass, black glass with a mix of black legs, chrome legs, silver legs and brushed steel supports. Glass TV stands come in a range of sizes, they are usually found in a three shelf variety. Corner shapes, oval TV stands and taller TV stands are all available from online retailers like ourselves.

    TV cabinets are the markets latest trend, high quality wooden cabinets with luxurious finishes like BDI's natural stained cherry and espresso on oak. Gloss black TV cabinets have also proved to be popular evidenced by the huge sales of the Techlink Opod and Techlink Ovid ranges of cabinets.

    Cantilever TV stands are a more modern concept and suspend the Plasma, LCD or LED TV in mid air giving a similar effect to a wall mounted TV screen. This idea is becoming more and more popular as parents prefer the safety of a TV which is positioned higher and the public have now come to realise wall mounting is actually a complex procedure which will require alot of thought to ensure wiring is convincingly concealed.

    Visit our web site for a great range of all types of TV stands.

  • Are Clear Glass TV Stands the New Black Glass TV Stands?

    In the early days of the flat panel television, the only options for your Plasma screen were aither a wall mount bracket or a clear glass TV stand. As time progressed black glass TV stands with chrome legs were released and became hugely popular as more and more of the Plasma and new LCD TV's were manufactured in an all black finish. Over time some consumers grew tired of garish chrome legs and preferred the more subtle styling of an all black TV stand.

    So what are todays TV stand trends, reading around some forums the concept of TV lift cabinets came up, this concept did threaten to become a major TV furniture trend, but in the end the sheer c0st of these TV units in addition to issues with practicality these stands have never truly made it mass market. Cantilever stands have proved to be one of the trendiest types of TV stands with some ultra cool designs like the  Aspect 9760 from BDI TV stands.

    However the trend we have noticed as furniture retailers is that the biggest demand increase has been on traditional clear glass TV stands, TV manufacturers like Panasonic have gone back to basics and started to manufacture some LCD TV's with a silver finish and consumers once again seem attracted to clear glass stands as an understated home for their new TV. As always Big AV seeks to respond with fantastic offers which offer simply the best value to our customers, so keep an eye out in the glass TV stands section where there will be some sensational offers on clear glass TV stands and clear glass cantilever TV stands.

  • Audinni TV Stands and Audinni TV Cabinets | Now Stocked at Big AV

    Big AV are proud to announce we have added the high quality Audinni range of TV Stands and TV cabinets to our product range. The Big AV list of brand names is now well in excess of 20 of the world's leading TV furniture brands, Audinni produce high quality and elegant TV stands and TV cabinets with real wood veneer finishes. Each product is available in a choice of natural oak or black oak finishes and the Audinni stands are an excellent option for interiors with solid oak flooring.

    The Audinni range is made up of a small TV cabinet ideal for Plasma and LCD TV's sized between 19" and 32", the AU 104 and the AU 105 also has three shelf spaces for AV components. The sleek design and understated styling allow it to integrate into well furnished rooms easily and provide a tasteful alternative to the many gloss black and chrome TV stands which have swamped the UK TV furniture market. The Audinni TV cabinet range also includes AU 102 and the AU 103 which are basically bigger brothers of the AU 103 and AU 105, these strong wooden cabinets are able to support televisions up to 52" with a maximum weight of 70kg. The AU 106 and AU 107 are larger wood TV stands and feature closed cabinet doors enabling DVD's, CD's and remote controls to be effortlessly hidden. The final TVstand in the Audinni range is the AU 114 and the AU 115 which combine Audinni's high standards of finish with a funky, retro shape, these stands are ideal for all makes and models of Plasma LCD TV's sized up to 50".

    If you have any questions regarding specification or ordering of Audinni stands give us a call at Big AV, on 01484 420088.

  • Norstone TV Stands - New Releases

    Norstone manufacture superior quality TV stands. With many brands of AV furniture recycling the same concepts of design over and over again, Norstone have produced some truly innovative products, each of the TV stands is built from fine materials and features an innovative design ideal for anyone looking for something a little bit different in their home.

    The PIU AV stands are wooden TV stands for TV's sized between 37" and 55", available in an oak or black finish. The wood frameworks are complemented with tempered piano black glass leaving a look of understated style. Norstone TV stands are abit pricier than many brands of TV furniture, but the quality of finish and design more than justify the price tag.

    Other models in the Norstone TV stands collection includes the Century range, innovative stands with frosted glass. Available in black and chocolate finishes, featuring elegant carved legs and unobtrusive styling make the Norstone century TV stands the perfect piece of TV furniture for a traditional home.

    The Norstone Coda range is another innovative line of products, available in black and oak finishes with clear glass, featuring a step design the Coda range of TV stands are ideal for larger rooms. The final part of the new Norstone range is made up by the funky Esse TV stands, featuring a contemporary design available in a varied range of colours the Esse is a trendy product which will liven up a modern town house or apartment.

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