• Top Tips For Buying A TV Stand

    TV stands are ideal for storing your TV off the floor, allowing you a better viewing angle, and providing ample storage space for related items. In this article, we'll give you all the tips you'll need to know before going out and spending your hard-earned cash on the latest AV related furniture.

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  • Do We Really Need Film Censorship?

    Film censorship is when a group of people or an organisation or even a government tell us what we can and can’t watch in films. This all started in America in the 1930’s when a man named William H Chaise put an organisation together called the MPAA. The organisation is still going strong. In the UK we have the BBFC. They tell us pretty much which kind of content is okay to put in a film.

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  • A Super Short History of Super 8 Film



    In these enlightened times, many A/V enthusiasts might be forgiven for thinking that the home cinema phenomena began first with VHS in the 80’s, then in the 90’s it was DVD. Since 2000 home theatres have been dominated, more or less, by the advent of Blu-Ray. And whereas that chain of command may be true, the practice of owning and operating your very own personal screening room goes back way before VHS.

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  • The 10 Worst Films of 2016

    Yep, it's that time again. Today we're talking about some of the truly awful films that crawled across our cinema screens in 2016. And there were quite a few to choose from — some so bad that we not only questioned why we even bothered to fork out the price of the admission ticket — we began to ponder the very meaning of our paltry existence! But before we get into the nitty gritty of the worst of the howlers, here's a few (dis)honourable mentions: Continue reading

  • Top 10 Pop Songs of All Time

    Even if some of us loathe to admit it, we all like a good pop song. They are the tunes we find ourselves singing in the shower or humming under our breath on the bus to work. And if we think no one is watching, these are the songs that actually make us get up and boogie around the kitchen. Here then are our picks for the Top 10 Pop Songs of All Time. Continue reading

  • Music Piracy: Real Crime or Just an Abstract Idea?

    The practice of music piracy is still widely regarded as the main reason for the global drop in conventional music sales. But not by everyone. It could well be argued that music piracy is more of an abstract idea rather than an actual phenomena. And while it’s true that most recording artists despise the idea of music piracy, a lot of consumers think it’s okay. This difference in opinion could be explained by the fact that the term ‘piracy’ is in itself ambiguous and can be tailored to fit almost any argument. It follows then, that before we even try to understand how music piracy is affecting the industry, we must first find a contextual definition for the phrase.

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  • What is it About Vinyl Records

    2016 saw sales of vinyl albums beat the number of paid digital downloads for the first time ever. According to a report from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), consumers spent £2.4 million on vinyl records, compared with £2.1m downloading digital. The industry cites a number of factors for the increase in record sales; Black Friday deals, the popularity of vinyl as a Christmas present and the increasing availability of reasonably priced record players in high street supermarkets. Whatever the reasons, the return of vinyl, which began back in 2008, is clearly a phenomenon that is here to stay. Continue reading

  • The beginners guide to Sky Q. The pinnacle of TV entertainment?

    You may think that your current SKY HD package is the epitome of pay TV services and gives you the absolute top level of content for your HDTV and up until very recently you would have been right.  Sky HD was the first on the UK market to offer broadcast in 1080 resolution and then the first to offer 3D in broadcast format.  It managed to reign supreme as the best broadcast Television service available to UK customers for a very long time but as with all things technology has been constantly improving and even SKY HD needed a major refresh to be able to keep up.  From its launch back in 2006 - now over 10 years ago it had been at the pinnacle of TV viewing experience and over the years the boxes were given upgrades.  Continue reading

  • The Continuing Rise Of The Disney Empire

    New Zealand born Mark Sweney is media business correspondent at the Guardian, which he joined in March 2006. Previously, Mark worked at Haymarket Publishing for six years, primarily as a news reporter, on Revolution, Campaign and Marketing weekly magazines. In this article published on the Guardian website, he examines how the Walt Disney Empire is heading for its biggest end of year profits yet—a super cool $7bn.

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  • How Watching TV is Killing Us Softly

    If you’re someone who loves nothing better than curling up on the couch for a weekend session of binge TV then I have some bad news for you. According to the results of a Japanese study the blockbuster you’re watching, or that episode of your favourite police procedural, could be your last.

    The study found that people who watch more than 5 hours of TV per day are far more likely to die of a pulmonary embolism than people who watch less than two and a half hours.

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