Complete Your Home Entertainment Centre with HiFi Stands

When you want to get the best possible home cinema experience, then you need to invest in quality HiFi stands. These functional racks are able to provide you with additional storage space for all your high tech equipment, while also improving the sound of your home stereo system.

At, we have a wide selection of HIFi Stands in various sizes and varieties for you to choose from. You can make the most out of your home stereo system for less when you order from our extensive online catalogue. You can also choose matching TV stands, speaker stands, or living room furniture that will compliment your new HiFi stands perfectly when you place your order through our online store.

What are HiFi Stands?

Also known as high-end equipment racks, HiFi stands feature high fidelity horizontal inertial force increaser technology. Everything from the number of shelves to the amount of space in between each shelf, to the material that the rack is made out of contributes to the quality of the audio your sound equipment produces when the devices are sitting on one of these stands. Ideal for holding stereo equipment and home theatre equipment, these stands have helped to change the way that we experience audio in our homes, while also providing us with the perfect way to store expensive audio equipment.

Is There a Difference Between HiFi and Hi-Def?

While some individuals may argue that there is no significant difference between the two, those who consider themselves experts in high quality audio would strongly disagree. High fidelity is a term used by many who strive to get the best possible sound from their audio devices, as a term used to describe stereo system playback that is highly effective in producing sound that closely resembles the original source. In simpler terms, it is the best possible quality of audio you can get. High definition audio however, is now considered to be a lower quality of audio that doesn’t deliver the same idealistic sound reproduction and level of acoustics.

Top Selling HiFi Stands Available from

The 7-Shelf Modular Hi-FI Stand OPT11906B offers plenty of space to store all your high fidelity audio devices. This shelf is available in a variety of finishes to match your home décor including Satin Gold, Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, and Light Ash Real Solid Wood. The shelf is designed to hold up to 7 AV components all while taking up a minimal amount of floor space. Each shelf is made of safety glass that has been designed to comply with both British and European regulations. This HiFI stand also features an optional cable management sock and optional castors that can help to further increase the flexibility of the stand.

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