Contemporary TV Stands or Antique TV Furniture

The TV stand and TV cabinet market has shown some strange patterns and trends over the years, the question we are posing today is whether we will see more ultra modern TV stands or more contemporary TV stands in the future, as the design of the television screens has become ever more glossy and ever more modern some TV furniture has moved in the same direction this can be evidenced with the mix of cantilever TV stands which are now available on the market, other contemporary designs include the fantastic mickey mouse TV stand, combining modern shelving with cleverly designed media storage compartments and a truly unique shape and design.

For every modern product which has been released there has been a surprising response as many major manufacturers have created TV furniture with antique styling, most of these designs have come from the states the true home of antique TV furniture, with a wide range of brands combining traditional styling with modern features, these designers include Salamander Designs and BDI TV stands, both of these brands manufacture a whole range of television cabinets with traditional styling.

Surprisingly we are seeing more and more TV furniture and wood TV stands, than ever before, maybe the ultra modern looks of the TV's themselves leave consumers looking for ways to tone down the effect of high tech equipment and create a more welcoming, homely ambience in their living rooms.

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