Growing Trends for your Home Theatre

Your home theatre is an investment that you should be proud of. Whether you have gone with the basics in home entertainment for your amped-up TV room or have gone all out with theatre style seating and the largest big screen TV you could find, you have managed to create a comfortable place inside your home where you, your family and friends can gather and be entertained. When you are ready to add something new to your home theatre, be sure to check out the following hot new trends.

Multiple Screens

One of the most popular trends in home theatre rooms is having more than one TV. You can have a large screen surrounded by smaller flat panel TVs on the same wall, multiple screens on different walls or use a flat panel for casual viewing and a large front-projection screen for watching movies or live sporting events. You can use this set up to view the same program on multiple screens or with the variety of viewing choices available these days, use multiple screens to view various shows or events at once.

Convert your Home Theatre into a Media Room

Want to use your TV room for more than just watching TV? If you have the space and are not as interested in the in-home cinema concept as you are in spending time with friends and family then you may want to convert your home theatre into a TV/game room or family center. This hybrid approach to decorating is a growing trend among families because it allows for multiple uses for one room. Add comfortable furniture such as large sofas or go with a couple of theatre-style seats if you want. Pair that with a pool table or card table and you will have an excellent spot to relax and unwind.

High Quality Speaker Systems

A good speaker system may not always be the top priority on your list when it comes to creating the perfect home theatre. You may have already purchased a surround sound system that you are happy with. But if you are interested in improving the overall sound quality of your home entertainment setup along with the look and feel of your high-tech environment then you should go with the new floorstanding soundbar speakers. These speakers are quickly becoming a favouite when it comes to home media rooms and the use of floorstanding or bookshelf style speakers is starting to become more popular than the in-wall speakers that so many people have installed in their homes. While many people may feel that soundbars are more about aesthetics than sound quality, the latest models of these devices are proving these consumers wrong. You can find soundbars that are loaded with features as well such as wireless and Bluetooth capabilities and remote control options as well.


If the home theatre of your dreams could use a little something extra then you should check out these and other growing trends from the home cinema industry. And if you are looking for quality audio/video furniture options, be sure to browse the selection at for the finest TV stands and cabinets around.


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