Has TV Stand and TV Furniture Design Gone Too Far?

As we have previously documented in this blog the TV furniture market has seen rapid and relentless expansion with more and more new, innovative products released on the market every month. Ambitious designers and manufacturers have looked for new and exciting ways of housing a LED, LCD or Plasma TV, while some of the results are staggering the beautiful BDI TV Stands for example, some television furniture may have taken a few wrong turns somewhere in the design.

The Dalcans design cube television cabinet is certainly revolutionary but it does remain debatable as to whether this kind of ultra modern TV cabinet has a place in the UK market. The designers basically decided that it was boring and restrictive to just place a TV on top of a cabinet and that this kind of futuristic design is superior in terms of visuals and functionality.

The American market has seen more and more innovation and the media wall concept seems to really be catching on across the Atlantic, whether or not these modernistic stands will be a concept which catches on here in the UK. Cantilever TV stands have now caught on here so maybe we can expect to see some movement from the UK market with this type of product. I guess many people will think these manufacturers are lunatics and that they would never put something so obtrusive in their living rooms, but for somebody with the right living space a piece of contemporary luxury TV furniture could be the icing on the cake for your home cinema system.

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