Hifi Stands and Hifi Cabinets - Buyers Guide

So you have bought your brand new Hi-Fi, you have a quality stereo amplifier, superb CD player and a high quality digital radio unit but  have you considered where you are going to place all of this equipment?

There are an excellent variety of Hi-Fi Stands on the market, there are ultra high quality products which cost around the £1000 mark and there are decent budget options which will give you change from £100, so where do you start?

First of all you must identify your budget, if you are looking at the lower end of the budget scale then you will have to get yourself a glass Hi-Fi stand as wooden HiFi stands are only available for mid range budgets and above. The portability GT 6 Hi-Fi stand is an excellent budget option and for just £89.99 will give you a four or five shelf glass Hi-Fi stand, it is up to you whether you include the top shelf or not. Atacama are conqueres of the mid range market with a range of styles from the Atacama Equinox range of Hifi stands. If you are looking for something that will really perform you must turn to the Germans, there are two German manufacturers Spectral and Jahnke both produce weighty Hi-Fi stands with ultra thick glass to quash resonance and help your equipment to perform at it's peak. If you are looking for a wooden Hi-Fi stand the BDI Revo or BDI Mirage are good options to consider, watch this space for a new release of Jahnke wooden Hi-Fi cabinets with beautiful illumination for ultra modern homes.

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